Vinnitsa Web studio: a modern solution for business promotion

Vinnitsa Web studio: a modern solution for business promotion


What is the advantage of a web studio? Today, the world-famous Internet is so multifunctional that it can be used in any direction: dating, communication, information sharing, etc.

Of course, thanks to the Internet, a person has the opportunity to learn more information of a diverse nature than just watch the news on TV. In this regard, it is not surprising that virtually every modern company wants as many people as possible to know about it. The Internet is a great platform for this.

Yes, you can create a page on the Internet on your own - especially since you can find a lot of step-by-step instructions, tips, videos, etc. But one thing when the page creates an amateur, and quite another - when a professional.

FINE Agency Vinnitsa Web Studio is a team of real professionals whose main task is to create and promote unique websites. As a rule, the group consists of specialists of various profiles, including:

  • Account Manager - this is the connecting element between the customer and the specialists of the web studio. He should easily and simply be able to talk about complex things in a simple way: explain to the customer what and how will be done (without using complicated terminology), and for developers, on the contrary - to make a ToR (technical task) consisting only of professional terminology;
  • A designer (or several) who are engaged in creating a website design and developing a special corporate identity: develops its template and thinks about the appearance of the future page to the smallest detail;
  • Web programmers are specialists whose main task is the technical functionality of the site;
  • contextual advertising specialists;
  • copywriters;
  • optimizers.

Some duties may be combined or varied. For example, the designer may be responsible not only for the creation of the site, but also, if necessary, for the layout of the site. Or a copywriter who can deal not only with filling the cite, but also promoting it with the help of SEO optimization of the site. In any case, experts apply all their knowledge, skills and efforts to create a quality resource.

How does a web page company work? What is the structure of its work?

The peculiarity of the web-studio in Kiev is that the client at any time can adjust your order. For example, a preview of the page was made - the client found it necessary, remove something, and add something. In addition, if desired, the customer can take a part in creating a web page.

The creation of any site is always the first thing to begin with its design: the customer explains how he sees the future site, the purpose for which it is being implemented, what content there must be present and many other important details. After - specialists create a structured work plan, which the client have to approve.

Then the work is divided into parts - each specialist is engaged in his own orientation. Each aspect is created in parallel with the other:

  • professional web design. Perhaps the most important part of work, because developing a beautiful, vivid and memorable design is not as difficult as making it really high-quality, multifunctional and convenient for both the potential buyer and the customer. The design should be creative, but at the same time correspond to all the parameters of the previously developed corporate style of the organization. And also contain a lot of elements of corporate symbols. It is important that the site is extremely convenient to use, because often the number of customers is reduced precisely because of the inconvenience of using the site;
  • identifying future target audiences. In order for the future site to be as useful and profitable as possible, you need to determine for whom it is primarily created. For this purpose, a qualified analysis of the market (analysis of the level of competition, the level of popularity of the product , the estimated level of income from this product, etc.) and the analysis of a potential buyer — age, gender, interests, income, etc .;

Yes, this work takes a lot of time, money, effort and requires careful and painstaking implementation, but these studies are the main condition for future commercial success in creating your brand (or possible rebranding the company on the Internet) - depending on the situation. Sometimes an additional audit of other Internet resources is carried out with the same products or services in order to identify possible mistakes made by them. After their detection, an analysis of their occurrence and the creation of a specific plan takes place in order to avoid the same mistakes. You can also analyze for existing errors a site that you already have and act according to the above scheme: analysis, identification, clarification of the reason for the emergence and creation of a plan for the further development of the corporate identity logo and the creation of your brand.

  • site optimization for high performance in search engines (hence - high attendance and high income). Here we are talking about integrated web marketing, which is conducted on the basis of the available results from the analysis of competitors and the target audience. First, keywords are determined and counted, then they are correctly distributed on the page so that the web resource is displayed on the first page of the search line. The first page indicates a high level of attendance and a leading position compared to the sites of competitors;
  • integrated marketing business in a virtual network. But even this is not enough - you cannot go far on the same site optimization and sooner or later it will start to lose its leading position. A special marketing plan is created, where absolutely everything is signed: each service, the timeframe for its execution, what comes after it and much more. This plan needs to be constantly analyzed, adjusted, so that Internet branding will give its positive results;
  • creation and promotion of an advertising campaign. Sometimes it happens that you already have a  site, your own style, but the indicators are not as high as you would like. Then the experts will focus on re-branding the company on the Internet using the same analyzes that were mentioned a little earlier. Such a campaign is much more productive than advertising in the media due to the fact that initially it is already focused on a certain segment of consumers;
  • training customer representatives to maintain high ratesof  created advertising page. If you think or are convinced that to create a beautiful website, to come up with a loud name - this is enough to make money, then this is not at all the case. A web page is the same business that requires that a lot of work is invested in it every day. And this work must be qualified. Therefore, the web studio in Kiev will train the employee of your company in all the features and nuances to maintain a high level of the created page. It’s one thing when an outsider is promoting the page and adjusting its level, and another is when the person is “inside” the company;
  • consultation and maintenance of the customer's page. This is another feature of the professional agency FINE Agency. In consultation with the professionals, the client has the opportunity to obtain crucial information about the prospects of his business on the Internet, receives a rough plan and determines the amount of expenses.

Consultation can also be used in case of detection of errors and shortcomings of your page for the purpose of their disposal.

The advantage of working with a web studio is that you are guaranteed to get a reliable and effective result, as well as valuable tips and instructions for the further development of the page.

Speaking about the cost of services of such an agency, it is worth to mention that the price for the services rendered will be slightly higher than the cost of work of a freelancer. But the end result will be much better, because here is the whole team  engaged in work, and not just one person.


The main achievement of the web-studio in Vinnitsa is page profitability. In other words, the unlimited possibilities of its profitability.