Overview of the market for pates and canned food in Ukraine from experts of the marketing and branding agency FINE Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Overview of the market for pates and canned food in Ukraine from experts of the marketing and branding agency FINE Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine


Pâté is most commonly associated with a delicacy made from several types of boiled or stewed meat. However, this appetizer can also be prepared in other flavors, such as fish-based, or in a vegetarian or even vegan version.


Pate - what is it?


Traditional pate is a popular dish that is prepared on the basis of a homogeneous mass of boiled or stewed meat with the addition of vegetables and spices. The most popular meats used in snacks are rabbit and pork. However, more and more variations of this delicacy are being made. It can be made with vegetables such as lentils, beans, courgettes, or mushrooms. Although the market for pâtés is unlikely to regain the high positions it was many years ago, such products are firmly rooted in the minds of consumers. More and more innovations are appearing in this market.


Market research from the branding and marketing agency FINE in Ukraine


The canned food market has been stagnant for many years. It cannot be denied that pâtés have not been very popular for many years. Many still associate them with low-quality products of unknown composition and cheaper alternatives to typical meat products. While these types of products will not disappear anytime soon, experts admit that they are clearly receding.

Consumers struggle with a kind of cognitive dissonance. On the one hand, they pay more and more attention to conscious consumption: they want to eat healthy food, read labels, and pates do not necessarily fit into these trends. On the other hand, pâtés are classics of Ukrainian cuisine, consumers love their taste, and hardly anyone has time to cook them on their own. Manufacturers should be aware that consumers expect high quality above all else.


It seems that for consumers, who are increasingly paying attention to the appearance and convenience of packaging, in search of a quality product, canned food has become less attractive compared to other meats. Marketing analysts point out that pate makers have problems, even though they are trying to revive this category.


Many experts at FINE branding and marketing agency also argue that bread consumption is one of the most important issues for the prospects for the confectionery and canned food market. Pates and some canned foods are great complements to bread. In other words, pates and canned food are usually consumed as an addition to bread, and less often as an independent product. Given the high likelihood of a downward trend in bread consumption in the coming years, it is believed that in order to improve the economic situation in the pate and canned food market, solutions should be sought that would support the promotion of the consumption of pate and canned food, regardless of bread consumption.

While the canned food market is fairly homogeneous, the pate market is not. Pates can be divided into those in aluminum cans or tins, in glass jars that do not require refrigerators, and baked pates that can be purchased in the refrigerator compartment, with a definitely shorter shelf life and different uses.


When predicting the future of the canned food and pate category, it should be noted that they are favored by the trend towards convenience, because in both cases they are quick and convenient products. They also have the advantage of many possibilities for consumption - they are ideal as breakfast, snack, hiking or vacation food. It can be foreseen that in this trend, young people are the main recipients.


Is there a seasonality of sales in the canned food and pâté market?


The pates are seasonal. Their sales increase during the holiday season by about 20%, when consumers take this type of product with them on their trips, thanks to the convenience and speed of use. The winter months are the weakest for these categories. Low seasonality is mainly associated with the wide possibilities for daily consumption of these products. Ukrainians gravitate towards pates and canned food mainly when they want to quickly prepare food or when they need this particular taste. The most popular consumption options are breakfast, dinner, and snacks throughout the day. These products are used by people who go on vacation, camping, or the mountains, for example, because they are easy to store, convenient to use and transport, and ready to eat.


What are the best selling pates?


As for the types of meat, at present the market leader is poultry pate, without the addition of other types of meat raw materials. 100% poultry pate is becoming more and more popular due to the increased consumption of poultry compared to other types of meat. However, taking into account the tastes preferred by consumers, pates without additives prevail (over 60% of the market).


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