Analysis of the market for children's goods in Ukraine - food for children - an overview from the marketing agency FINE Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Analysis of the market for children's goods in Ukraine - food for children - an overview from the marketing agency FINE Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine


The market for certified infant and toddler foods is specific in many ways. What sets it apart from the rest is, in particular, the clear distinction between buyer and consumer.

This is due to the fact that the subject who actually consumes the product is a child and, due to obvious limitations, he cannot be a customer at the same time.

Therefore, the role of its representative in the market is played by an adult, usually a mother. Another feature of the discussed market is the difficulty of identifying the group of factors that determine the demand for certified food for children. In addition to classic demographic and economic conditions, the analysis should also include questions related to trust and brand loyalty.


The essence and meaning of branding


The modern conditions in which enterprises operate make them constantly look for new and better ways of presenting the product. The most important characteristics on the market are the characteristics that constitute the individual value and visible strength of the enterprise. Therefore, the power of branding has recently become evident, including in the market for products for children.


The baby food segment is not only developing dynamically, but also offers consumers many new products. Traditionally, mostly certified products were intended for children. Manufacturers have now noticed the potential for expanding their offer to the smallest consumers. Even in categories that until now have not been associated with the small consumer, such as pasta or savory pastries, there are proposals designed for the little ones.


According to the data, dairy products are developing the fastest in the baby food industry. In the refrigerators of shops you can find yoghurts, cheese, dairy desserts, sandwiches specially dedicated to children. Almost every fifth purchased homogenized cheese belongs to the children's segment, and a third of the dairy desserts sold are for children.


We spend most of our money on food for children, including formula milk, cereals and breakfast cereals. The latter, designed specifically for children, account for almost half of the volume and value of sales for the entire category, although their sales have not increased over the past three years. Products in colorful packages are of great strength, which are very often bought only because of their non-standard shape and color. The manufacturers claim that products for children are created with their nutritional needs and taste in mind. For example, sausages and sausages from the children's line are high in meat and do not contain additional substances such as dyes, phosphate compounds or MSG.


Marketing trends specific to the baby food market from FINE marketing and branding agency


FINE marketing and branding experts believe that in the segment of food for children in Ukraine, as well as in the entire food market, the trend of healthy eating will become increasingly important and will continue to develop. The trend towards healthier, more natural, and less processed foods is particularly strong in the baby products segment. Here, in a special way, parents, guided by caring for the child, pay special attention to the composition of the products. Of course, this trend in marketing will develop, which, in turn, encourages manufacturers to seek new, innovative, healthy and at the same time delicious recipes for products or improve existing ones.

A balanced diet for children is a hot topic among parents, thanks in large part to the media leading the way in promoting healthy eating. This puts more emphasis on, for example, daily calorie intake, sugar content and vitamin and mineral intake. The emphasis on health is especially important in the setting of overweight children. In response to marketing, food and beverage manufacturers will do everything in the future to make their offerings healthier, such as enriching their foods with vitamins and minerals, reducing salt and sugar, and promoting whole grains. According to some data, 50% of Ukrainian parents of children aged 0-4 years say that they are actively looking for food for infants and / or young children, fortified with vitamins and / or minerals. In addition, 55% of Ukrainian parents would like to expand the selection of cookies useful for children (data for 2015). However, the children's food market will grow the least dynamically, and this is because its results are closely related to demographic factors, which are rapidly declining. The development of a food market for children will be hampered by low fertility. Moreover, this segment faces competition.


The main and leading brands in the category of baby food in Ukraine are: HIPP, Gerber, Nestle, Humana, bebivita, Miracle-miracle, Agusha, Karapuz, which are bought most often in large chain stores. An interesting fact is that prices for this category of product are overpriced in pharmacies or children's specialized stores, this is explained by the fact that the level of customer confidence in them is higher and entrepreneurs are actively using this.


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