Beer production process in Ukraine and market situation - FINE agency Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Beer production process in Ukraine and market situation - FINE agency Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine


There are many types of beer in the world, so it is not an easy task to classify this drink according to generally accepted rules. Beer can be grouped, for example, by color, strength, origin, and other characteristics.

The main and most commonly used classification is the fermentation method. Beer producers cannot do without four main ingredients - water, malt, hops and brewer's yeast. Specific malt, hops and yeast are used in the production of various types of beer. More often than not, this is not limited to the aforementioned four essential ingredients. Making beer seems like a fairly straightforward process, but brewers use different brewing methods and processes, and each ingredient chosen determines the end result of the beverage.


Branding and marketing agency FINE about the beer production process in Ukraine (Kharkiv, Rovno, Chernivtsi, Uzhgorod, Lutsk, Ternopil, Khmelnitsky, Zhitomir, Chernigov, Cherkasy):


In a barrel, the grain is mixed with warm water - a sweet mixture made from malt and water is called mashed potatoes. During the removal process, i.e. mixing, it is very important to accurately set the temperature so that the resulting beverage will dissolve the desired amount of sugar to feed the yeast. In this process, it is the temperature and grind of the grain that largely determines the density, what kind of beer will be produced, whether it will be sweet or dry, thickened or watery, transparent or cloudy.


After dissolving the sweet substances and separating the used grain (after pouring out the liquid), a product called wort is obtained, which must be boiled, add hops (and other spices, if used) to it and pour it all into fermentation tanks. There, by adding yeast, fermentation takes place and the resulting beer is allowed to mature to a suitable state before bottling. Some beers are still aged when bottled.


To make good beer, you need good water, and even small changes in the composition of the water can make a big difference in flavor. Nowadays, all breweries use water that has been adapted differently for beer production. Some have a special treatment plant, while others simply add various salts and / or minerals to the water to balance the composition of the water and make it suitable for the production of a certain type of beer.


The current situation on the market - an overview from the marketing agency FINE


Ukrainians are looking for better quality products and are open to experimentation. On the one hand, we are exploring the category of standard beer, on the other, we are aiming for a flavored beer or a delicious beer mix. At the same time, an important trend in marketing is the growing importance of the price criterion, as the consumer is looking for promotions. The consumer is looking for higher quality and appreciates new products. The key consumer marketing trends shaping the beer market in Ukraine are premiumization and innovation. Consumers are extremely open to new suggestions and are often actively looking for new varieties, varieties and flavors. The dynamic development of the category of flavored beer (fruit, honey, etc.) is a manifestation of an innovative trend in the beer market in Ukraine. This beer is suitable not only for people who are tired of the camp, but also for those who simply do not like traditional beer.

A large group of people looking for higher quality products and brands are also willing to pay more for them than for a standard product. Beer is becoming an increasingly integral part of lifestyle, and its choice is an element of personality.

At the same time, consumers value local producers very much, which is expressed not only in the interest in various Ukrainian brands, but also in respect for the regional character of the products. All of these phenomena have a very strong impact on the market and sales structure and - in the almost unanimous opinion of the leaders of the brewing industry - will continue to influence this market category in the coming years.


Packaging for beer from the marketing agency FINE


With so many consumers concerned about how quickly the environment gets polluted and which products are the safest to buy in which packages, there is a growing demand for the most environmentally friendly packaging that you can order and design from FINE Marketing and Branding Agency:


  • Glass containers

Glass can be processed almost indefinitely as it does not lose its properties. In comparison, plastic packaging can be processed up to 5-6 times, then the material is consumed and is only suitable for incineration or storage.

In addition, glass is hygienic and safe for health - it creates an impenetrable barrier between packaging and food, which is not always necessary in the case of plastics.

  • Aluminum cans

Aluminum, like glass, can be processed many times - about 80 percent is recycled. 

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