Ukrainian wine market - trends and development opportunities from the FINE Development Company marketing agency: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Ukrainian wine market - trends and development opportunities from the FINE Development Company marketing agency: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine


Ukrainians are increasingly buying wine in an effort to discover new tastes, directions, origins and new ways of serving, such as, for example, canned wines.


Canned wine - wine in cans


The vodka market trends are reaching the wine market. After the first months of sales, it will be clear that Ukrainians will very positively perceive the innovative solution, which is popular, especially in the United States, - canned wine, presented not in a bottle, but in a can, similar, for example, to a can in which beer or cola is stored. Bottled wine and its associated holiday, seasonal ritual and marketing are often a barrier to new consumers. Convenient small-capacity cans allow for novelty. Wine in such a package is perfect for the street, where we spend a lot of time now.


Wine is a wonderful gift


When faced with a dilemma of which gift to buy when going out for lunch or dinner with friends or family, consider a bottle of good wine. Classic wines such as good French wine from the Bordeaux region, Piedmont Barolo or Barbaresco will always be a lucky gift and will be appreciated by the recipient, especially if he is interested in wines. Wine has been a classic idea for corporate and holiday gifts for several years now.


Flavored wine


For several years now, we, the marketing and branding company FINE, have seen a surge in sales of flavored wines on the Ukrainian market. This trend has achieved almost the same growth dynamics as in the case of sparkling wines, which have been especially popular for several years. This category is largely developed by a group of producers who represent and actively support the marketing of new lines of flavored wines. The interest in flavored wines on the Ukrainian market is growing, especially in the spring and summer period, when we drink them for relaxation and to refresh ourselves.


A sparkling wine


In recent years, the wine market has seen strong, double-digit sales growth in the sparkling wine category. Ukrainians drink them not only during the festive period, but also in the summer - for refreshment and relaxation.


Grape wines


The grape wine market in Ukraine has great potential. On the one hand, we are still one of the last countries in terms of a small amount of their consumption, and on the other hand, Ukrainians travel more, delve into new cuisine and related products, with which wine is inextricably linked.


White wine


Within the grape wine segment, we are seeing an increase in the sales of white wines compared to red wines on the Ukrainian market. Why it happens? Well, red wine, especially for new consumers entering the world of grape wines, is often a barrier, because it is associated with the need to know the rules of its serving, and it tastes more demanding, and white wine does not create such associations, it is perceived as lighter. This marketing trend is further exacerbated by the current situation where we spend more time at home, which means we are more willing to get light white wine.


New Zealand wines


New Zealand is currently one of the leading wine exporting countries. The unique climate and varied soil structure have determined the success of these wines, giving them a refreshing, unique taste. They are also well received by Ukrainian consumers who buy this product, especially on hot days. We can say that nowadays New Zealand is the most fashionable place among white wines.


It can be assumed that the scope of the wine market as well as wine consumption will increase in the coming years. The current situation in the domestic wine market is determined by:


  • the number of producers and entrepreneurs producing wine from grapes obtained from grape vines located on the territory of Ukraine;
  • the cultivated area where grapes are grown, from which grapes are obtained for wine production;
  • the size of the grape harvest;
  • volume of wine production;
  • the amount of wine placed on the market.


More than 50 producers are registered on the Ukrainian wine market, the leaders among which are: Koblevo, Evpatoria plant, Massandra and Shabo.


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