The market of mayonnaise and sauces in Ukraine. Features and trends from the marketing and branding agency FINE Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

The market of mayonnaise and sauces in Ukraine. Features and trends from the marketing and branding agency FINE Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine


Sauces are additives that go well with absolutely any dish, which is why they are so popular.


The analyzed category of sauces and dressings includes mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard and ready-made cold sauces, used mainly for salads, sandwiches, hamburgers or grilled dishes, for example: soy sauce, garlic, tartare, satsebeli or mushroom. More spicy dressings are also very popular among Ukrainians - mustard, horseradish. But the largest market share still belongs to various types of mayonnaises: high-calorie, medium or low-calorie mayonnaise. In connection with the development of a trend in marketing for healthy food, some Ukrainians are trying to limit the presence of mayonnaise in their diet, produce it on their own, or choose low-calorie product options. The mayonnaise market, although stable and based on tradition, is also developing. There are high and low fat options that are tailored to the tastes of people who want to eat healthily:

  • Egg Free Mayonnaise - Conscious diet is becoming more and more important these days. When choosing products, consumers take into account the impact not only on their own health, but also on the health of animals. For this reason, an increasingly common criterion for the selection of food products is their origin, method of production and composition. Some firms are responding to market trends and, after years of research, are producing a unique, healthy, all-vegetable vegan mayonnaise - no egg mayonnaise. This product is based on rapeseed oil and comes in many flavors. This mayonnaise is often gluten, lactose and soy free.
  • Vegan Mayonnaise - Vegan mayonnaise is characterized by a reduced fat content and therefore a low calorific value. Therefore, it can be successfully used by people who care about their figure, people on a diet and the elderly. Vegetable mayonnaise becomes an excellent alternative to traditional, classic mayonnaise and easily competes with them. Additives that enrich the flavor of vegan mayonnaise include mustard, vinegar, salt and pepper.

Mayonnaise, this indispensable addition to any dish, hasn't changed much over the years. It is true that there are some marketing innovations - as written above - vegan mayonnaise, mayonnaise without egg yolk, but these are just innovations that currently have a market share of 1%, although there is a high dynamic of their growth. Traditional mayonnaise is the main axis of the category of interest to us.


A good mayonnaise is said to be a mayonnaise that contains eggs, butter, mustard and spices, with fewer additional ingredients the better. Branding and marketing experts predict the growth of the sauces sector, including mayonnaise, in the Ukrainian market in the coming years. Growth will be driven by innovations in branding, products and fragrances, and the production of new packaging for these products - such investments are planned by manufacturing companies. Mayonnaise producers declare their readiness to bring healthy products to the market without artificial ingredients - in line with the health trend prevailing in the Ukrainian food market.


The dominant segments of the sauces category, that is, mayonnaise and ketchup, recorded a slight drop in the frequency of purchases. Among all product groups in the segment of ready-made cold sauces, hummus will develop the most dynamically in the future. When it comes to the purchasing habits of shoppers in the ready-to-eat cold sauce segment, there is a correlation between frequency of purchases and household wealth. The higher the income of a given household, the more often ready-made cold sauces will be bought.


Sauces and mayonnaises are available in different packages, containers and volumes: glass, plastic buckets, trays, bags, etc. Large packages with a capacity of half a liter are bought by customers for the holidays, and twice as many as usual.


The attractiveness of the market is evidenced by the fact that more and more companies are trying to enter it with their brands. In general, however, the market is stable, but regional producers are concerned about the interest of global companies in the market for sauces and mayonnaise, as global brands often crowd out smaller producers.


The leading companies in Ukraine in the mayonnaise market are: Torchin, Schedro, Chumak, Royal Smak, Harvest and others.


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