Market of cereals and cereals in Ukraine - order a marketing research from FINE agency Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Market of cereals and cereals in Ukraine - order a marketing research from FINE agency Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine


In traditional Ukrainian cuisine, cereals have always played an important role, because of their availability and health value, they are often placed on our tables.


However, the growth in the welfare of society and the increase in the availability of other products on the market have led to a slight but decrease in interest in cereals. Nowadays, the promotion of healthy lifestyles and the prevailing trend towards healthy eating have renewed interest in cereals, which are a healthy and attractive addition to various types of food. Consumers know about the nutritional value of cereals, appreciate their naturalness, low degree of processing, absence of preservatives and other additives. Cereals are universal in use. They can be used as a standalone dish (breakfast, snacks) or as an addition to main courses, soups, but they are also the basis for desserts, cakes and even cocktails.

Porridge is a dish that is a rich source of starch, protein and B vitamins. They contain a large amount of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron and phosphorus, which have a positive effect on the health of our body. In turn, the high fiber content in cereals is of great interest to dieters.


They can be served hot and cold, sweet and savory, as well as with various additives (milk, vegetables, fruits, meat, etc.), and the variety of serving methods is constantly growing, which is a positive phenomenon both for the health of consumers and and for the success of groats producers.


Since 2017, many Ukrainian manufacturers have begun to export their products to other countries, including Poland and Hungary. Imports of cereals comprised 1%, while domestic products accounted for 99%. In Ukraine, the most popular cereals are: peas, buckwheat, corn, semolina, rice, and pearl barley, and buckwheat is among the favorites (about 180,000 tons are consumed annually).


  • When buying cereals, consumers are guided mainly by the price, not realizing that the products differ in quality. At the same time, the most expensive products are not necessarily the highest quality products. These factors are important to consider when formulating a branding or marketing strategy.
  • The FINE marketing company in Kiev, Vinnitsa, Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv assumes an increase in the production of organic cereals.

Cereals and other organic foods are both gaining popularity. Society is becoming more knowledgeable and demanding, and therefore the demand for food products without unnecessary additives or leftovers from agronomic operations and processing processes is also growing. Groats are the ideal product that meets these expectations and requirements. The market situation for organic cereals is good. Consumer demand for these products is growing, this is especially evident in the example of buckwheat and millet. According to marketing experts, the main problems of organic cereals producers are: lack of quality raw materials, the need to ensure good and stable storage conditions, the sensitivity of products to fluctuations in moisture content and the activity of cereal and flour pests. The profitability of production remains fairly stable - even if the cost of raw materials decreases (grain prices go down), production costs (energy, packaging, storage) increase.

  • The demand for grain products is growing - The cereal market is closely related to the situation in the grain market. We are currently seeing an increase in the demand for cereal products, which is undoubtedly influenced by increased consumer awareness, and campaigns promoting healthy eating. By observing the progressive trend of healthy eating, it can be seen that consumers are more likely to choose cereal products. We look with great approval on low-processed, color-free and preservative-free products containing key health-related ingredients such as grains, bran, dried fruit and nuts.


Cereals are a product that is in demand among consumers from every market category. What's interesting is that they have a very low threshold of brand loyalty, which means people can easily switch from one brand to another. Branding and marketing are important here to increase product awareness, it is important not only to offer the product, but also to make an effort to ensure that the buyer takes your product.


On the Ukrainian market, the most popular brands include: Art Foods, August, Makfa, Narodna, One hundred poods, Takida, Furshet and Khutorok.


In general, we can say that this is the part of the market that is developing steadily. Production in this part of the segment may fall, but not significantly, depending on, for example, weather conditions. The growth in the export of cereals has a positive effect on the activities of domestic producers. According to experts, this trend will continue.


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