Marketing research and analysis of the snack market in Ukraine from the marketing, branding and advertising agency FINE Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Marketing research and analysis of the snack market in Ukraine from the marketing, branding and advertising agency FINE Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine


Chips, sticks, croutons, crackers and nuts are very hard to miss on the store shelf. Fortunately, manufacturers are trying to surprise consumers with innovative concepts and interesting new flavors with high sales potential.

As many as two-thirds of the population consume snacks, chips, and similar foods at least once a week. The snack market is not only huge, it is constantly growing. Even the more and more common fashion for healthy eating does not harm the segment of such snacks.


Potato chips have been the most popular snack for years. They make up 1/3 of the market. The rest of the market is occupied by corn chips, popcorn, crackers, sticks and nuts. They are available in the market in many flavors and shapes. They are eaten as a quick way to satisfy hunger or as a snack at social gatherings. With constant demand, throughout the year, you can see when sales record new records - this is the time on New Year's Eve and the days of important sporting events when spectators meet to watch the competition together.


In addition to classic flavors such as bacon or paprika, each of the producers produces a series of modern flavors, envisioned in accordance with current trends.


Target audience of snacks in Ukraine - research from Fine Agency Kiev, Vinnitsa, Odessa, Lviv, Dnipro


Mainly, the buyers of snacks in Ukraine are representatives of the middle class. More often than not, these are the people who are interested in quick snacks on the go. This category of people can be characterized as people with higher payment opportunities and an adequate standard of living. The next category interested in quick bites is people with lower paying capacity. Typically, the largest group in this category are students who, due to lack of time or conditions for cooking, prefer a quick snack "on the go". Given the growing popularity of the “On the Go” trend of eating on the go, it is very important to design the right shape and packaging for the product to be consumed. It’s important that we can simply pull out the finished product and have a nutritious breakfast on the go, or a snack between meals at work or school. This type of snacks appears more and more often in the dairy section. Manufacturers innovate with bottled drinks or muesli, yoghurts in cartons or screw-top bags, and various types of mousses. This category can also include different types of cheese for snacks - in small portions. Shopping is increasingly determined not only by product price and nutritional value, but also by usability and packaging design.


The trend towards healthier lifestyles and rising consumer awareness is driving healthy snacks to replace regular chips, croutons, or sticks. Their advantage is primarily their composition and low calorie content. Obesity, which affects both children and adults, encourages consumers to make more informed purchases. Most often, people choose those snacks that are sold in an attractive and convenient form, packaging.


The market for healthy snacks, fruit or vegetable, is actively developing. These products are addressed to both children and adults, thanks to which the target audience is quite wide. Modern technologies will be very useful in production, which will help to obtain a high quality product while maintaining the taste of the fruit. The popularity of organic fruit snacks is growing, especially among women looking for an alternative to traditional sweets.


What types of healthy snacks are most popular?

In this retail segment, great attention should be paid to the variety of products. In stores, shoppers can find dried fruits, fruit bars, cereals, and other fruit snacks. But just a few years ago, the segment of healthy snacks was associated mainly with dried fruits.


They are still popular, but customer demands are growing. We are increasingly looking for new flavors. That is why, in addition to dried apricots and dates, among other things, goji berries, mulberries, fried coconut flakes appear. The assortment of snacks is constantly expanding, and new products are very well received by customers.


Target audience of healthy snacks in Ukraine


The target group of clients is very wide, but conscientious parents and young, professionally active women are indicated as the main buyers. However, companies are trying to target their products to all categories of customers - from children to young people, from people who value a healthy lifestyle and play sports, to the elderly. The huge benefit of fruit snacks is their low calorie content. Manufacturers should pay attention to this by emphasizing this information on packaging and in advertisements. It is worth recommending such snacks to dieters looking for an alternative to sweets.


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