Marketing analysis of the non-alcoholic drinks market in Ukraine from the FINE branding agency - Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Marketing analysis of the non-alcoholic drinks market in Ukraine from the FINE branding agency - Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Although sugary and carbonated soft drinks have continued to be popular in Ukraine, consumers' approach to this type of food is changing significantly, especially due to the growing understanding of health aspects.

According to the study, three quarters (76%) of Ukrainian consumers believe that producers should try to reduce the sugar content in carbonated drinks. Despite the interest and fears associated with the use of this group of drinks, the element of pleasure is still the decisive aspect when buying. For producers, this means that the taste of beverages can be an important differentiating factor in their offering and stimulating consumer engagement. Innovations in this area will help to increase interest in this product category and will allow to target the offer to different groups of consumers. 2007-2008 was a very good season for the non-alcoholic drinks market, while after 2011 a slight decline in the frequency of consumption of this category of products began. The main contribution to the development of soft drinks was made by mineral water, which undoubtedly remains the leader in this market. High growth dynamics is also observed in the sales of energy, isotonic and vitamin drinks, because they are most interesting for young people. Iced tea has the lowest growth rate - the smallest in the beverage category.




The sale of soft drinks is uneven throughout the year. The entire soft drink basket has the highest sales in the summer season. The exceptions are the categories of juices, nectars, beverages, for which sales peaks occur during the holiday periods. An interesting fact is that a warm spring can also influence a significant increase in sales of soft drinks.




Limited editions are the primary way to personalize a product and update its image. The imagination of manufacturers in proposing new options knows no boundaries, they can be dedicated to seasonal trends, they can be with labels referring to a specific period of the year, for example, Christmas, summer season, or they can be associated with a specific event, such as a music festival or a sporting event.


The longest-standing personalized segment targeted at a specific group of recipients is drinks for children that meet their specific needs. The children's segment in the categories of drinks is primarily products with smaller volumes, with useful properties, with a sports lid, with specific graphics - often on the packaging you can find characters from children's animation films or popular football players.




Traditional flavors such as cola or orange dominate among carbonated drinks in the Ukrainian market, reflecting consumer preferences. However, there are positive trends in experimentation and interest in less typical, exotic flavors that also fit carbonated drinks. The range of possible flavors can be very wide: passion fruit or elderflower, a combination of cola and orange, blueberry. Possible options include drinks that taste like alcoholic ones.




The choice of carbonated drinks with unusual aromas or tastes in Ukraine is currently small. Therefore, beverage manufacturers should take inspiration from other European countries. Herbal floral aromas and flavors are now more popular there than in any other region.


Although extracts from herbal ingredients are attractive to Ukrainian consumers, there are currently few new foods that contain them. The use of herbal and herbal ingredients will allow producers not only to offer more unique flavors, but also to reach consumers looking for beverages that contain healthier and more natural ingredients. Examples of ingredients that can be used in carbonated drinks with distinctive flavors and more health benefits are, for example, elderflower, rose, chamomile, sage, mint and basil. These observations are also in line with the trend observed by the FINE branding company in the global food and beverage market “Power to the Plants”, the most important aspect of which is the pursuit of healthier and “cleaner” lifestyles, encouraging buyers consume primarily fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, cereals and other plant products.


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