FINE Digital Agency Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT: professional development of web resources and SMM promotion in Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

FINE Digital Agency Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT: professional development of web resources and SMM promotion in Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine


Most people today search for products, goods and services using the Internet.

You can wrap everything up so that your company leads the market and gets more and more customers every day. FINE web studio will help you with this.


Professional website development from the FINE company


FINE Digital Agency has been actively developing on the Internet technologies market in Vinnitsa, Kiev and Odessa for several years. The studio's specialists will help your company create an ideal website that will attract more and more new customers, partners and advertisers every day. Digital marketing, website development, setting up SMM sales and online promotion - all this and much more will be done perfectly, you just need to leave a request.

If we take into account the development of web applications, then FINE can offer you:


  • Business card website. A classic Internet resource consisting of several pages with a small amount of specific information and its field of activity. There you can find information about the physical location of the company, contact details and other important aspects. This version of the site is the cheapest, and not an experienced specialist will spend only a few days creating it.
  • Corporate website. A tool that allows an enterprise to solve a couple of tasks at once. Firstly, it is a full-fledged web application, therefore it makes it possible to attract and provide high-quality customer service. And besides that, it is worthy to communicate with your own colleagues. With proper development, this type of site will be transformed into the main method of attracting an audience and its long-term retention. At the initial stages, experts determine the goals and objectives of the creation, based on which they carry out high-quality development and promotion.
  • Landing Page. A one-page selling website with only one goal - to convert website visitors into buyers. Thanks to one unique enticing text, the client is imbued with the desire to call, send an application, buy products or subscribe to the newsletter. This is a great tool for quickly achieving results with minimal costs.
  • Online store. A unique environment for selling your products or services on the Internet. An interactive site advertises a product, service, describing its main characteristics and offers the opportunity to buy them. FINE offers the development of an online store with the functions of ordering, payment by different methods and a basket for shopping. And also, experts recommend adding a special field for reviews, this will significantly increase the return of customers.


Stages of website creation


Like all large-scale projects, web application development is divided into several stages. It all starts with setting goals and objectives for the future product. Having decided on them, there is a thorough marketing analysis, then the most correct formulation of the technical task. It consists of basic requirements and nuances that must be met. Also, the TOR is the basis for all developers and participants in the upcoming process. After creating the prototype and converting it into a design layout, the layout designers take over. These specialists are engaged in the layout of the future website, its external functionality and aesthetic appearance. If the customer needs an unusual resource, experienced programmers step in and do the necessary part of the work. Content plays an equally important role in creating an application. All images, videos and texts must be legal, high quality, unique. After completing all the above points, the final stage of development begins - the delivery of the finished full-fledged website to the customer.


Cost: what does it depend on?


One of the main questions of interest to clients: "How much will it cost?" On the website of the web studio, you can get acquainted with the minimum prices, which are the threshold for evaluating the capabilities and experience of developers. The exact price is announced after a serious immersion in the customer's business and the definition of tasks for the performers. The final cost is influenced by the following aspects:

  • Site type. Accordingly, the larger the order, the higher the price.
  • The difficulty of the technical task. There can be a lot of nuances and requirements, as a result of which the price tag also rises.
  • The number of additional developments to the standard functionality. The work of programmers, functional development takes a little more money.
  • Involvement of outside specialists. To create unique photos or videos, sometimes you need to invite photographers or videographers.
  • Creation of text content. The situation is similar to the one above.

FINE web studio evaluates all the details with the client at the first stages of cooperation.


Качественное продвижение от FINE Digital Agency


The organization offers effective website promotion on the Internet at the best prices. Ordering promotion is much easier than trying to promote your page to the first positions of search engines on your own. After all, it also takes place in several stages:

  1. Full multifaceted market analysis, target audience study, identification of potential buyers. This allows professionals to choose the right content for the web page and its presentation as much as possible.
  2. Working out an SMM strategy. Professionals create a dedicated media plan. If it is observed, in a few months it is possible to gradually achieve the goals and objectives set earlier.
  3. Targeted advertising. Social media is an additional source of leads. The advertisements will be visible to specifically interested users.
  4. SMM promotion in social networks. There are several directions of this type, and each has a corresponding expert who is engaged in promoting accounts.

The results of the promotion will be visible in a few months. But the customer can track the increase in traffic in the first few weeks. FINE agency Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine advises clients on further self-promotion. Thanks to such training, each customer can increase their popularity in the network on their own.