FINE marketing research Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine is an integral part of business promotion in Ukraine

FINE marketing research Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine is an integral part of business promotion in Ukraine


Every day, thousands of newbie sites appear on the Internet who want to conquer the network. But, alas, this is not easy to do.

To achieve the desired recognition and start making good money on your web resource, each owner needs to promote their site. This will help achieve these goals:

  • Increase traffic and audience coverage;
  • Increase sales and, accordingly, profits;
  • Add brand awareness;
  • Determine the loyalty and trust of customers.

There are several types of promotion, but they are all based on marketing research. This is an essential aspect of market research to thrive online. Thanks to such research, you can quickly respond to changing trends and the activity of competitors. If you want to order a high-quality marketing research in the city of Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Uzhgorod, Ternopil, Lutsk or Rivne, FINE Agency will do all the necessary work on the most favorable terms. Our research is aimed at exploring various areas, which we will now talk about.


Market analysis, study of trends and potential


Before introducing a new product to the market, it is necessary to consider its assessment and a number of possibilities in order to form a set of specific ideas for promotion. Marketing agency FINE Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine will help to reduce the huge list of their many concepts to a few ideas, with the most likely success. Thus, you can focus on developing the best options, and we will reduce risks to a minimum. With the help of special methods, we will solve the issue with the successful promotion of a product or service. It is not enough to have a few good indicators against the background of other negative nuances. We have thousands of tracked startup and business development projects behind us. Therefore, due to our experienced specialists and a wide range of different solutions, you will be able to distinguish your brand from competitors and prepare the basis for further effective promotion.

The experts of our agency analyze the market according to the following plan:

  • Analysis of the size of a specific sphere, study of the potential for evolution;
  • Segmentation of the subject area, compiling a list of key parameters;
  • Competitive market research;
  • Analysis of the price range and general analysis of the economic state of the market;
  • Study of product specialization in the market, its structure;
  • Search for non-standard methods of advertising, promotion and formation of a product or service on the market;
  • Analysis of demand, main aspirations and specifics of consumer behavior;
  • Determination of the main market trends.

This plan is universal. A detailed analysis is carried out for large, large-scale organizations and should not be done often. It provides the company with the information it needs for the next few years.

Research of the target audience, network demand


Key area of ​​marketing research. This analysis allows to determine a full-fledged complex of factors that guides consumers when choosing a product. After all, the result of any potential promotion depends on the understanding and behavior of customers in online advertising sources. To conduct a qualitative analysis of the target audience, demand and determine the factors influencing its formation, FINE DigitalAgency specialists use the world's leading methods and software developments in Internet marketing.

After the announcement of the research results, the customer receives a visual informative report. It can be used to determine the main criteria for market segmentation, its volume and a list of keys for going to a specific site and the like.


Study of competitors, their strategies


In any case, the promotion of a business on the Internet, you need to create special marketing programs and follow them carefully. The development of such plans depends on all existing resources, as well as the direct competitors of your site. Sometimes, in the course of studying competitors, it turns out that the rivals are not at all the ones you feared.

Each business has strengths and weaknesses to successfully compete with different companies. To maintain or improve its position in the market, a brand needs constant development of its services and high-quality promotion. Our experts study the strategies of leading companies in the customer's area and try to surpass it. Thus, competitor analysis consists of:

  • Study of the structure and quality of competing sites, how large is the coverage of information;
  • Familiarization with the audience of competitors, who are among the regular consumers, what topics are of interest to customers, whether they intersect with the customer's business;
  • Identifying competitors' traffic sources, using them for our client;
  • Researching the promotion of competitors' sites in search engines, studying the methods of their popularization on the web.

Thus, you have an informative report on the activities of the main competitors.


Making a forecast, creating a comprehensive promotion strategy


A key approach to internet marketing, marketing research, and the provision of specific services embraces the concept of SEO promotion. This is a set of tools that solves the issue of contextual and media advertising. This approach provides the customer with not only stunning results, but also an organizational effect.

Such a strategy is created by the professionals of FINE Agency, it is based on all the above aspects obtained as a result of analytical and research work. The client, in turn, is provided with an impressive influx of traffic to his site, an increase in consumer activity and an increase in sales - profit.

By ordering a marketing research FINE, you will receive not only a report on the work done. Also, you will be provided with knowledge that you can independently apply in further promotion. This is how you can define your business goals and allocate your marketing budget yourself.