SEO-promotion in Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine as part of business promotion: FINE company Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT will profitably and quickly raise your site to a leading position

SEO-promotion in Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine as part of business promotion: FINE company Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT will profitably and quickly raise your site to a leading position


The marketing promotion of a website or business is divided into many divisions. While they are all focused on increasing website traffic and increasing profits, it is worth focusing on increasing traffic.

In fact, increasing traffic is one of the main goals set for every site owner, regardless of the size of the company. For newcomers to the Internet, it is twice as difficult to achieve what they want, since their existence does not last so long. And in their competitors they have more serious enterprises that replenish the virtual space with new topical publications every day. To increase the traffic of your web resource, you need to bring it to the TOP of search engines. Experienced marketers and specialists of FINE Digital Agency have been promoting sites for several years and will solve any issues regarding marketing promotion and increasing traffic.

SEO-website promotion: what is it, who needs it?


What is it? In simple words, this is a set of measures aimed at internal and external optimization and increasing a web product to the leading lines in search results. It is not enough to just build up the number of links and increase the amount of information. In order for the site to be perfectly sorted by search engines, you need to work on it comprehensively.

Such promotion is suitable for any online business. She perfectly copes with increasing sales, finding new customers, partners or advertisers. It is worth ordering a promotion if:


  • Your product or service is in demand among a huge audience;
  • Your business has competitors on the Internet;
  • Your product is eligible for sale by law;
  • You are ready to wait for the result, the main thing is that it is of high quality;
  • You want to invest money and time in your web resource, constantly work on its development and improvement;
  • You plan to stay on the market in a certain area or expand.

Customers should prepare in advance for the fact that SEO promotion will not quickly show results. Minor changes will be noticeable after a few months from the start of working with your site.


SEO optimization of a web product for keywords


This type of action involves increasing the number of key phrases. With the right keywords, the client's site will be sorted to the top positions in the search engines. In other words, SEO optimization decides Internet search engines for which search phrases you need to show your site. It does not cancel the issue of increasing traffic, this issue will settle further progress. But having worked carefully on the optimization, you can proceed to the next stage, because it is pointless to promote an unoptimized site.

Search engine promotion stages


  1. If you want to order SEO promotion of your web product on the Internet, you should familiarize yourself with the stages of work. FINE Agency provides high-quality services in cities such as Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Uzhgorod, Ternopil, Lutsk or Rivne. Our action plan is divided into the following stages:
  2. Site analysis, study of competitors. This means a detailed survey of web resources of a similar direction, which are already in the top positions. Attention is also paid to the general structure, usability, attendance, age category, promotion in social networks. Thus, you can deduce the main ways to optimize your competitors.
  3. Technical expertise of the client's site. At this stage, the current state of the object is checked, the literacy of key phrases is checked and the assessment of its previous promotion (if any). You also need to review the resource for technical errors, determine the page loading speed, and find a problem that slows down the promotion.
  4. Creation of a semantic core. Here, experts are engaged in the selection of the maximum number of optimal key phrases that will help significantly increase traffic and the number of visitors. Since there are no general keywords, they are selected individually for each project.
  5. Working out the structure of the site. Based on the previous point, having already formed a semantic core, specialists create or update the structure of the resource. Thus, new sections or pages can be added.
  6. Filling with content. The content should be unique and as useful as possible for clients, so the selection is done very carefully. Each of the pages must correspond to a specific key request or group of requests. At the same stage, Title, Description and subheadings are added.
  7. Internal transformation. It is envisaged to add links leading to the internal pages of the site in order to exaggerate the time spent interrupting the visitor in the vastness of the company's web resource.
  8. External optimization. Now experts are creating a plan for the gradual acquisition of links from other reputable Internet portals. Such portals are called donors, you can find out the most optimal ones by resorting to competitor analysis. For free sources, our marketers recommend using various forums, blogs, or other aggregators.
  9. Promotion in social networks. The final stage involves the creation of groups, profiles and social media accounts to increase the visibility of the customer's site.

In parallel with the above actions, marketers monitor new trends, promotion tools, learn news specifically in your area and monitor competitors.

Why FINE Digital Agency?


Our Marketing Agency FINE Ukraine has been engaged in SEO promotion for several years. We have dozens of satisfied customers behind us. We will help you achieve these goals:


  • Take the top positions in the search results;
  • Increase audience confidence;
  • Increase the target schedule;
  • Save money;
  • Doesn't worry about further development.

It is profitable and simple to cooperate with us, and the result will amaze you for a long time. 

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