Unique selling proposition FINE Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine will help to stand out among competitors, become famous and increase profits

Unique selling proposition FINE Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine will help to stand out among competitors, become famous and increase profits


To glorify your business, achieve success and make a profit, you need to competently use all kinds of marketing moves.

You will achieve a positive result by using an effective tool in your business called a unique selling proposition (USP). What is this?

This is a short but informative message highlighting the main benefits for the consumer after purchasing your product or using your service. This tool works effectively when compared to conventional competitor advertising methods. The team of the FINE Ukraine Branding Agency will create a unique selling proposition for your company by searching for competent documentation and creating the most effective scenarios for solving the assigned tasks.

Inexperienced marketers may confuse a USP with a temporary promotion of a product or service. But a unique proposition is the declared value to the target audience. For example, communicating information to the consumer that a product has special characteristics, properties and is profitable to buy, since there is no such thing elsewhere on the market. USP is invariable for a long time, if it was drawn up correctly, it will effectively work for your enterprise and position the brand for several years.


How it works?


Of course, some firms dominate their industry. For a long time they remain the only suppliers of unique innovative products. But usually, it doesn't last long. A value proposition will allow you to convey to the buyer that no one else will reach the level of your corporation and your brand will always be special. The USP associates a brand with what it sells or what services it provides. If your company offers its target audience a huge list of services, no one will understand what your business is in general. But with a more specific brand name, consumers will think of you when they need to.

Principles of USP operation


There are some rules to follow to craft a great unique selling proposition. These principles sound like this:


  • Concreteness. Your ad should be clear, immediately show who you are, why you are, how you can help the client.
  • Uniqueness. Your brand is offering its target audience something completely new that competitors have not yet offered.
  • Efficiency. It is necessary to emphasize the main benefit for your potential customer.

The final, well-written proposal will have an impact not only on the client's logic, but also cause positive emotions. The bottom line is that your unique offer arouses not only interest, but also delight. Only after that, the client can subjectively assess the benefits of cooperation with your company or the benefits of products, services, offers.


How do I implement a Unique Selling Proposition?


There is a certain formula by which all known USPs were compiled. You need to combine the name of the product, the advantages that distinguish your brand from competitors and the reasons why a potential consumer should purchase your product.

However, today, creating a unique selling proposition, as well as creating a brand or business packaging (branding), is a more complicated procedure. It consists of many stages and scenarios. First, you need to decide what customer problem your product solves, what needs and preferences it satisfies. Based on these data, the specialists of the FINE Ukraine Branding Agency get down to work. USP development consists of the following stages:


  • Target audience structuring. This implies the division of potential consumers into target groups with a certain parameter (by age, place of residence, income, etc.).
  • Target audience research. Here, professionals in their field determine the needs for each group using questionnaires and observations.
  • Highlighting the main attribute. Marketers are looking for an answer to the question "What in your product can solve the problems of the target audience?"
  • Formulation of the main benefits for the client. An indication of the benefits that the consumer will receive after purchasing your product or service.
  • USP formation. The final stage, which is based on all the previous ones.

The key problem you rely on when creating a unique selling proposition should be common. They are already trying to cope with it and are ready to pay money for it. The whole process is quite serious and complex, it requires serious analytical knowledge, skills and time. After formulating the idea for the USP, you have to think over the text. A group of FINE Digital Agency specialists will help to create an effective selling proposition in the cities of Kiev, Odessa, Dnipro, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Kropyvnytskyi, Kherson, Nikolaev, Cherkasy or Chernigov. We will help you to develop a high-quality branding, brand design and package your business.


Advantages and disadvantages


Every company needs a Unique Selling Proposition because:


  • It increases brand awareness in the market, builds a reputation for your business. It also improves the loyalty of the target audience, which increases the profit of the enterprise.
  • Dependence of sales on competitors in terms of price decreases. A value proposition will help to operate with the values of a product or service for the consumer, and not its cost.
  • An increase in the number of regular customers. People love what they buy from you, they love your idea and concept, so they repeat purchases and attract new customers.

The Unique Selling Proposition also highlights some nuances. It is sometimes inappropriate, in cases where the product is not in demand a priori by the target audience, since it is easy to replace it or do without it. Sometimes, inexperienced marketers get down to business and create USPs that have been on the market before. This option is quickly consumed by consumers, does not cause surprise and, accordingly, does not attract.