Creation and registration of crypto wallets for business and private entrepreneurs, assistance in buying cryptocurrencies (bitcoin) Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Creation and registration of crypto wallets for business and private entrepreneurs, assistance in buying cryptocurrencies (bitcoin) Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine


It will take a long time before your earnings become serious and your savings grow. Any cryptocurrency professional knows this.

The most difficult thing in the cryptocurrency market is not just to make a fortune, but in the future to save and increase this fortune. To do this, you must have the skills to use capital wisely.

The right decision is to create a high-quality crypto-wallet in any city of Ukraine, Vinnitsa, Kiev, Odessa. Such a wallet can be implemented in any form:


  • application on your mobile device;
  • program on a personal computer;
  • program on the remote access server.

Such a modern and high-quality payment instrument will make your work and life easier. A crypto wallet will allow you to carry out various transactions with financial assets online.

Crypto wallet creation apps for iOS make work easier, beneficial and facilitate financial transactions. Unfortunately, most visitors leave the site and uninstall apps if they are slow. Any client will refuse a service if it is incomprehensible to him and does not bring the desired result.

It is very convenient to work with blockchain technology, there is no boss or owner above you and no intermediate outsiders at all. But it is worth paying attention to security. If the password for the wallet is lost, it will not be possible to recover it. You need to keep this information in a safe place.

All wallets are protected to varying degrees, it depends on the type. But excessive protection is not always beneficial. It can even interfere and bring a lot of inconvenience. If the user works with small amounts, then a multicurrency wallet is quite suitable. And if a client is trying to accumulate serious capital, then it is necessary to acquire a hardware wallet in order not to worry about financial security.


High quality crypto wallet for new business in Ukraine


In our country, the promotion of the cryptocurrency business is only gaining popularity. In total, no more than ten million citizens are involved in it. The peak of popularity has not yet been reached in Ukraine, but the finish is quite close.

The development and implementation of a modern cryptocurrency wallet will help eliminate numerous problems associated with saving money, exchange transactions, and branding development.

The application presented by the FINE agency Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine specialists will help you complete the following tasks:

  • maintaining an account in different cryptocurrencies;
  • direct purchase and sale of digital currencies online;
  • transferring bitcoins and altcoins to crypto wallets of other users;
  • payment for goods or services from a crypto-wallet;
  • withdrawal of currency to any bank card with further conversion;
  • easy connection of any merchant to receive payment;
  • bidding between other clients.


The main problem of the average user is the loss of access to the wallet, it can be hacked and the funds disappear without a trace. This often happens to users who lack experience in this area. Technical support for the provision of "first aid" is not always available. In addition, cryptocurrency storage systems adhere to the rules of confidentiality and anonymity. You will not be able to prove your case: who transferred the money, the identity of the owner of the crypto wallet, etc.

The main components of a cryptocurrency wallet:

  • number number 1 - numbers or letters. It is allowed to disclose it to anyone. This is, in fact, the wallet address and nothing else. This address does not require confidentiality and is of a public nature;
  • number number 2 - it must be carefully stored and not shared with anyone. These numbers are the key to the wallet, which gives access to money. Whoever has this key owns bitcoins.

The simplest wallet is a paper wallet. After creating it, you will receive a piece of paper with your data - address and security key. Or an even simpler option - a screenshot with data is sent to your mobile phone. After receiving this information, you are already the full owner of bitcoins. You can receive, cash out, transfer to other wallets, provided that your wallet is connected to the client program.

You can track your account status on the official page of the blockchain website. To do this, you enter the wallet address. And the security key does not need to be entered.

But for the subsequent withdrawal of funds, you will need to enter all the information of your wallet, including security keys. But this is done after connecting to the client program, at this stage the user gets access rights to the funds and becomes their full owner.

After completing these actions, the level of security of your paper crypto-wallet decreases several times. The only exception is the theft of a piece of paper with wallet data. After connecting to the client program, security will already depend on the developer and the degree of protection that he uses.

The client program is very easy to use, we will help you create a crypto wallet with ease. You can install this program yourself on a computer or smartphone, as well as on a tablet. The developer also provides the ability to work on a remote access server.

FINE branding and marketing agency specialists will help you create a high-quality business promotion strategy in Ukraine, and, if necessary, create new wallets when making new transactions. Everything is at the request of the client. This procedure increases confidentiality, no one can track you down. But you will also continue to use the old addresses without problems.


Development of a crypto-wallet from FINE agency professionals


You can trust our experienced specialists and order the creation of a bitcoin wallet. This will protect your business and save you from unwanted consequences - loss of money.

Order today the development and implementation of a cryptocurrency wallet in any city of Ukraine - Vinnitsa, Odessa, Kiev. We will help you create high-quality and multifunctional applications for Android or iOS shells. Their useful functions will make your life easier and make your financial transactions easier.

Our specialists develop simple and straightforward iOS applications so that customers do not have any difficulties in using. With the help of a Bitcoin wallet, you can manage your funds from anywhere in the world by connecting to API addresses and FIX4.

The professionals of FINE Vinnitsa agency will help you protect all files and storages from hacker attacks and intrusions from the outside. We use only advanced technologies to protect certificates and passwords. Maximum security and protection is ensured by a two-step authentication system, the entrance to the program is confirmed by a code sent to your mobile phone in the form of an SMS message.


How is the cost of developing and implementing cryptocurrency wallets determined?


In 2020, the client is interested in good functionality of applications, as well as a high degree of reliability. Modern blockchain wallets meet these requirements to the fullest. But you always have to pay well for quality services. The main factor in the formation of prices for the development of crypto-wallets is the degree of security and the ratio of useful functions. The simplicity of the interface plays only a secondary role.

It takes more time and effort to create a multifunctional application and a high-quality crypto wallet. The customer pays for every necessary function and reliable protection.

Popular types of cryptocurrency wallets:


  • hardware wallets. They rank first in terms of reliability. They are executed in the form of a regular flash drive, on which the wallet data is stored - its security key and address. Such a "flash drive" costs no more than $ 100-120. But you will not be able to access the wallet online;
  • so-called cold wallets - they are free of charge. This is not to say that they are 100% safe. The wallet is designed as a program for a computer or mobile phone. The key is saved on the device. Security is observed only until the first committed transaction;
  • hot cryptocurrency wallets - they register online, the degree of security is at a minimum, all information about your finances is stored on an online server. In fact, the wallet is not yours alone. On the positive side, you will be able to restore access in the event of data theft, the technical support service on the site will help you with this. Also, such wallets are very popular due to their ease of use. You have access to the accumulated bitcoins from anywhere in the world.


A couple of years ago, there were only a couple of types of cryptocurrencies. But in 2020, we can see a huge selection on the market.

Cryptocurrencies are in great demand in Ukraine, all kinds and modifications of cryptocurrency wallets are available to you. Wallets are adapted for any type of device - phone, PC or tablet.

A potential client can choose the following types of wallets:


  • official crypto wallet - suitable for those who use bitcoins and altcoins. The hardware and cold wallet will provide reliable protection of funds;
  • when using several tens or hundreds of altcoins, the choice is behind multicurrency wallets. These include hot and cold wallets. There is no way to support multiple different currencies in the hardware.


Algorithm for creating a cryptocurrency wallet


  1. Defining root goals. Customers set themselves the main goal, which will depend on what they are currently working on - trading or investing, transferring or storing money.
  2. Building a competent technical assignment. The developer conducts marketing research of all initial data provided by the customer.
  3. Choice of technology. Our professionals use only modern technologies when developing applications on Android and iOS shells.
  4. Testing applications before starting work. At this stage, you can eliminate all problems and errors, which will help bring the work to perfection.

What do our specialists offer? We can help introduce creative and relevant ideas for the development of cryptocurrency wallets of various types. Our bitcoin wallets work only according to well-thought-out algorithms, and the application is created according to proven algorithms.

Customers have the opportunity to make any changes and improvements onshore before putting the application into operation. All actions are open. Until the very moment of launch in the final, joint development is carried out taking into account all wishes and proposals.

You can easily place an application today to order the development of a new crypto-wallet on our official website. All detailed introductory information is in the public domain, and you can also clarify your questions using the feedback system.

Apply today for qualified assistance in creating mobile applications or speeding up websites.