Unique corporate identity of a vodka brand in Ukraine from the branding agency FINE Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa

Unique corporate identity of a vodka brand in Ukraine from the branding agency FINE Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa


Today, designers and developers of vodka bottles do not stand still and are constantly moving forward to new ideas.

To conquer the market, you need to constantly experiment, introduce something new into the packaging design, name, production technology. The consumer sees vodka for every taste and budget on store shelves. The developers play with color and shape, looking for the optimal solution to achieve success in promoting the brand on the Ukrainian market.

The corporate identity of the package and design contains the following elements:

  • corporate logo;
  • advertising campaign slogan;
  • advertising texts on posters;
  • high quality label;
  • brand history;
  • unique brand name.


Secrets of creating a corporate identity for vodka

For developers, it doesn't matter for which product the corporate identity is created. In any case, at the initial stage, a brand idea is formed and a creative concept is created.

Top list of popular ideas for creating a vodka brand on the Ukrainian market:


  • elite product;
  • natural and natural origin;
  • attachment to national traditions and culture;
  • interaction with the political, economic or state spheres of life;
  • associations with the water element;
  • preservation of family and social values by the brand;
  • parallel with history, the Middle Ages or the Renaissance;
  • unique cooking recipes;
  • territorial reference - city, region, region.

Ideas do not end on this list, any creative solution will have some success in its market segment.


Ideas of famous brands of vodka in our country


At the top of the list is the Five Ozero vodka trademark. The territorial connection is clearly traced. This brand is one of the three flagships in terms of sales.

It seems as if vodka appears on the very surface of crystal clear water. The developer emphasizes that only natural ingredients and environmentally friendly ingredients are used in the production of vodka. Vodka goes through many levels of purification, and thus is brought to perfection. The same applies to the unique recipe. The glass from which the bottle is made has the color of lake water.

The design of the labels looks simple, there are no heavy elements, nothing superfluous. The fonts and colors are unobtrusive and tasteful too. All the necessary information is printed on the label, and you can also see a picture of the water surface and waves.

One of the famous eco-friendly brands is Drova vodka. It is made from natural, natural ingredients and also has the highest degree of purification. The designers have managed to create a modern brand in line with environmental trends. The brand concept is clearly visible in the logo design and corporate fonts.

A brand that expresses national values ​​and culture is Bulbash. Using the products of this brand, you can find yourself in an old manor or a peasant's yard for a second. The corporate character of the brand is a simple kind "uncle".

The national theme looks very organic in combination with the simplicity and mentality of the Belarusians. This design is now more than ever in trend. Vodka is made on the basis of the purest water, so the label was left transparent.

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