TOP vivid examples of films for businessmen - from the branding agency FINE Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

TOP vivid examples of films for businessmen - from the branding agency FINE Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine


This article will talk about the top list of the best movies about building a business and developing startups. These films provide instructive examples for aspiring businesspeople to learn from.

This list contains incredible stories of overwhelming success and high-profile business failures. The plots attract the attention of the audience, they are definitely worth watching if you decide to open a new business in Ukraine, as well as if you are a marketing and promotion specialist.

The rating is opened by the sensational film "The Social Network" - the owner of a large number of awards, including the highest:

  • Winner in 3 Oscar nominations;
  • In four nominations of the Golden Globe.

The protagonist of the films made young people around the globe think about creating their own startup. The image of the main character was based on the biography of Mark Zuckerberg. Indeed, before 2010, he had success in the it-sphere, but was not yet a legend with a worldwide reputation. Worldwide fame was brought to Mark by his creation - Facebook.

The second place in the rating is occupied by the motion picture "Jobs: Empire of Temptation". Among aspiring entrepreneurs, developers and managers, the fame of the great personality of Steve Jobs does not subside. Steve has spent his life striving to create and implement innovation, and he managed to make revolutionary discoveries every time. Steve Jobs can rightfully be considered one of the best startups of our time. The film describes vivid episodes of life from 1971 to 2010. The early period when the business was built in a garage in tandem with Steve Wozniak is very interesting to the viewer.

The three leaders are closed by the film "August", in which Josh Hartnett plays the main role. The action takes place on the eve of the very event of September 11, exactly one month before that. The main characters created their own startup, which did not receive much success and remained afloat with great difficulty. Basically, their business was dot-com. All funds were spent on developing an advertising campaign and marketing research. But this was not enough for the development of the company, the company burst like a soap bubble, and loud statements did not justify themselves.

The picture "" will also be interesting for entrepreneurs. The film tells the viewer about the notorious "American Dream". Two young businessmen, Kaleil Tuzman and Tom Herman, once created a startup, which went bankrupt back in 2000. The site made it possible to communicate directly with the authorities. The idea was good, but despite this, the business did not survive. The movie serves as a good guide on how not to do it. The documentary history of a failed business is even more useful for novice businessmen, it allows you to avoid many mistakes when developing a promotion strategy.

Another prime example is Wonsok Chin's film Electronic Dreams. It describes real-life examples of the negative aspects of doing business. The film describes the step-by-step creation of a parcel and small goods delivery business called The concept was that delivery was done by bicycle or even public transport. The number of employees grew and reached three thousand people in a year. It would seem that success has been achieved. However, it’s not that simple.

The picture “Revolutionary OS” closes the list. The plot of the film allows you to answer the question whether it is possible in our time to compete with such giants as Apple or Microsoft and at the same time release software absolutely free.