New cosmetic brand in Ukraine - the rules of creation from the branding agency FINE Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

New cosmetic brand in Ukraine - the rules of creation from the branding agency FINE Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine


Cosmetics, like any other group of products, needs branding.

The main goal of creating a new brand of cosmetics:


  • stand out in the market among competitors;
  • attract the attention of a new consumer;
  • placing emphasis on the main advantages of products.

You need to find the right approach, because a new brand must meet all of the above goals.

The creation of a cosmetic brand can consist of several stages.


Development of marketing research of the cosmetics market


You need to define your target audience. It is important to do a very accurate research. Your target audience cannot be absolutely the entire female half of the population. This approach is too generalized and imprecise, it puts the development of brand positioning. It all depends on the category of cosmetics, for example, for women 30+, whose income is above average.


Developing audience research allows owners to answer several questions:


  • taste preferences of a potential buyer;
  • how often women shop for cosmetics;
  • how competing brands are perceived by the consumer;
  • product selection criteria.


In the next step, marketers conduct competitor research.


The purpose of such a study is to identify the following nuances:

After conducting these studies, a detailed report is drawn up, in which key indicators are entered, on the basis of which conclusions are drawn.


Development of a promotion and positioning strategy


It all depends on which positioning strategy the owner will choose.


A good positioning strategy should perform the following functions:

  • meet all the requirements of your audience;
  • highlighting the main positive aspects of products;
  • difference from competitors.


Этапы создания составляющих нового косметического бренда в Киеве


This step means creating:

  • name - naming of cosmetics;
  • logo;
  • motto and slogan;
  • unique corporate identity.


As a result of the creation of a new cosmetics brand - a high-quality brand book. It contains not only the elements of the company's corporate identity, but also recommendations for their use.

One example is the Biocon company. The company was founded back in the 90s as a medical center. Later, the company began to conduct research, after which it patented new technologies for the production of cosmetics.

Biocon's slogan: "Your trusted expert in skin care." The assortment of the company includes 19 lines of production of cosmetic care products.

The positioning strategy of Biocon is a scientific and medical technology and a scientific approach to production, using only natural ingredients.

The White mandarin brand originally produced goods that strengthen health and immunity, was founded in 2004. The owners later rebranded and decided to start producing wellness cosmetics.

The motto of the company is “beauty only with natural cosmetics”. White mandarin produces more than 40 types of cosmetics in various categories: hair care, face and body skin care, healthy food products.

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