Samples of logo design in 2019 from the branding agency FINE Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Samples of logo design in 2019 from the branding agency FINE Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine


In 2019, many companies decided to rebrand and started developing a new logo. There are many reasons to change your logo design, but there is only one goal - to emphasize the uniqueness of your brand.

Owners want to win the audience's attention and establish themselves in the market as a leader.

One of the most popular social networks, Facebook, rebranded only 10 years later. The developers made this decision due to the fact that the previous logo was outdated and was not suitable for the mobile version. The fact is that 10 years ago, the bulk of users entered the network using stationary computers. Now the name Facebook looks more sophisticated, the letters have become more rounded. This rebranding was successful, because it was well received by a part of the audience that uses smartphones.

Renault has updated the logo after the Espace campaign was launched. Elements of the logo breathed new life, became more emotional and bright. The new slogan also sounds like "I manage my time." The logo has changed - austerity and modern motives have been added to it. The diamond acquired new colors, and the fonts began to look three-dimensional.

Opera Software decided to remove one word from the name and at the same time update the logo. The emphasis is on the letter O. This logo design symbolizes the entrance to the Internet space. The range of the company has increased significantly, now Opera produces not only software.

World leader in printing equipment Hewlett Packard has impressed the public with a new look of the logo: now it looks like a white rectangle with a green border, on which the inscription Hewlett Packard Enterprise is visible. Many people remember that earlier the logo looked simpler and more concise: the letters НР. The president of the company gave a clear explanation on this matter: the word Hewlett connects the last letters, which mean cooperation between the audience and the manufacturer. The structure of the corporation also underwent significant changes, it was divided into two parts.


Johnnie Walker Scotch whiskey will now become more recognizable in the world. The logo design developers believe in this, because completely new details have been added to the image. The mod was given individuality and his facial features are clearly visible, and the costume is depicted more clearly. The designers' goal was to make the brand more aristocratic and refresh it in the eyes of the audience. After all, a drink of this class must be developed and thought out to the smallest detail.


Google is developing rapidly and dynamically, always following trends and not pursuing conservative motives. The owners' words are backed up by actions - the public was presented with an updated logo, which differs in font design and color combination. Letters look like printed, not uppercase - that's a thing of the past. The designers used softer colors and shades. You can see the similarities with the Alphabet logo. But this is no coincidence, as Alphabet is the new Google corporation.

Chinese electronics and office equipment brand Lenovo decided to create an unusual logo. The main thing is that now you can use the free space around the title functionally - decorate it in an interesting shade that suits the background. Green, blue and even pink were added to the corporate colors. A bright picture is reinforced by the company's slogan: “Don't stay in one place”.

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