Ways to create a confident meat brand in Kiev and all over Ukraine from the FINE branding agency Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Ways to create a confident meat brand in Kiev and all over Ukraine from the FINE branding agency Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine


The branding of meat and sausage products in our country is only gaining momentum and strives for a high level of development in 2019. Ukrainian companies are trying to stand out from the rest and are taking all possible promotion strategies.

Attempts to develop a strong brand of meat products are bearing fruit for Ukrainian producers. For your brand to be successful with the consumer, you need to give a clear answer to the question of what should your audience be?

The minimalist trend in the premium segment


Minimalism has been used in the design of sausage products not so long ago. This style is especially favorably perceived in the production of premium segment products.


The positive side of minimalist packaging:

  • There is a chance to stand out favorably against competitors with a familiar design;
  • Emphasis on uniqueness;
  • Association with naturalness.

Swedish premium sausage line Koberg Vilt has adopted a minimalist label design. The colors were chosen as usual for this segment - black and gold.


Individuality in developing a brand of meat products


The individual approach has gained real fame and popularity only recently, although it has not been used by the developers for the first season. The idea is that the rational side of the impact is discarded and the audience's emotions are preferred.


The advantages of the method:


  • significant narrowing of the target audience and an increase in the level of efficiency of work with it;
  • communication with customers through packaging and labels;
  • playing on personal experiences and emotions of the consumer.


Use of retro style elements


Domestic manufacturers often use retro illustrations when developing packaging design for meat products. However, due to errors, such a design looks like outdated, and this is unacceptable. Retro packaging looks very beneficial when developing a brand of sausages, because in this market segment there is a huge share of the audience that is accustomed to high quality and classic taste.

Positive sides:

  • associations with childhood, family hearth;
  • develops confidence that the recipe is original.

Simply Sausages demonstrates an example of positioning products as natural, prepared according to an old recipe. The packaging is designed in a vintage style.


All natural trend


Europeans are very careful about their health, most of them use high-quality and environmentally friendly products. In our country, this trend appeared not so long ago and is just beginning to gain momentum, and marketers already see great prospects in this.

The modern consumer understands that the GMO-free mark is uninformative and casts doubt on its authenticity. The buyer needs to see with his own eyes the list of ingredients used to make the product. And in the case of sausage, this issue is especially acute. Many have a stereotype that sausages do not contain meat, but only soybeans and food colors and flavor enhancers.


Positive aspects of introducing a naturalness trend:

  • increasing confidence in the high quality of the product;
  • the consumer feels that he is cared for and monitored for his health;
  • the reputation of the company increases.

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