"Vinnitsa" in English - write it right! Branding in Ukrainian, order the creation of a brand in Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine. Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT

"Vinnitsa" in English - write it right! Branding in Ukrainian, order the creation of a brand in Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine. Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT


For many years now, linguists and experts in the Ukrainian language have been solving one of the most important questions - how to correctly spell the names of cities and other settlements in English?

There are constant discussions about the correctness of certain options. A few years ago, high-ranking officials made efforts and tried to consolidate at the legislative level the rules for transliterating the Ukrainian alphabet into the Latin alphabet. Attempts were unsuccessful. Despite the steps taken, errors in spelling the names of Ukrainian cities in English are common on the Internet. Quite often, mistakes are encountered when writing the famous city of Vinnitsa.


The public organization "Country of Information Technologies" took up a new project. Representatives of NGOs proposed to create and implement a special database, which will include the names of all settlements, regions and streets of Ukraine in English, without exception. Of course, we are talking about correct transliteration in accordance with generally accepted rules. The project was named “Cities transliteration” and has already found support from entrepreneurs from different regions of the country. Representatives of a public organization presented the relevant information online.


The question of correctly spelling the names of cities in Latin is quite acute in Ukraine. The thing is that many localities today do not have a generally accepted spelling of their names in English. It is a common occurrence when the name of the same city or village has several spellings that are actively used on the Internet.


Today, representatives of the public organization are taking the first steps towards creating the above-mentioned database - they have begun active cooperation with business representatives, government bodies, organizations and local officials. Many businessmen say that eliminating the most common mistakes in transliterating the names of Ukrainian cities will bring a lot of benefits. Moreover, positive changes in this area will be noticeable in the near future.


In Ukraine today there are different standards and norms of transliteration. All this necessitates the development of a single document or base in which all the names of settlements will be spelled out in the only correct version. If necessary, everyone will be able to access the document and clarify the correct spelling of the city of interest.


Vinnitsa officials also paid attention to the innovative project, realized its significance and agreed to provide the public organization with all-round support. The city administration drew attention to the proposal to create a unified database, since the issue of correct transliteration of the city name is also quite acute. In everyday life, residents of the city and on the Internet can find about 10 spelling options for Vinnitsa in English. The most common on sites and Internet resources are VINNITSA, VINNICA and WINNICA. Linguists emphasize that none of the proposed options are correct. The only correct one that can and should be used not only on the Internet, but also in real life is VINNYTSIA.


Marketers and web specialists have already started working in the direction of branding and correcting errors in the spelling of city names in Latin letters on the web. The creators of the database themselves emphasize that the information provided will be useful for many users. We are talking about millions of users. First of all, about business representatives. Considering that recently Ukraine has been covered by a wave of renaming of cities, villages and streets, the number of errors in the delivery of documents or cargo has increased significantly. All this entails violation of the rules and terms of delivery, dissatisfaction from customers and partners, financial losses. The new base will prevent all these problems.


Experts note that the correct transliteration of city names is important not only for entrepreneurs, but also for ordinary Ukrainians. The absence of mistakes in spelling the names of settlements in English will allow the Ukrainian people not only to come closer to world standards, to become closer to civilized countries, but also to move away from the Soviet past.