Checklist for naming your furniture company in Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine from the FINE branding agency Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT

Checklist for naming your furniture company in Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine from the FINE branding agency Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT


The naming of your new furniture factory assumes that the owner will determine for himself the positioning of the company in the domestic market.

It is necessary to analyze all competitors in this market segment. It is imperative to observe the principle of contrast: the name should not coincide with any of the competing firms.


Find your name: naming positioning

Before choosing a name for their furniture factory, the owner needs to answer a number of questions. The task of any businessman is to occupy his own niche, differing from others.


  1. At the first stage, a businessman chooses a type of activity, which he is directly involved in. This can be the production of designer furniture according to orders, sketches and individual measurements of premises.
  2. Then the businessman determines for whom these products are produced. For clients who have high financial capabilities and good taste.
  3. The owner then identifies the need that their brand wants to satisfy. Production of exclusive top-class furniture for wealthy people interested in art.
  4. Identifying the closest competing brands. Design studios and salons of fine furniture.
  5. The main distinguishing features from competitors.
  6. Key brand strengths and benefit aspects.

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Methods for choosing a name for a brand of furniture business


Factory name by abbreviation. This is exactly what the IKEA developers did. Naming specialists used an acronym in the form of a combination of the first letters of the owner's first and last name and the name of his ancestral farm. And now, anywhere on our planet, such a name has become easily recognizable, and in fact it uses already existing facts from his life.

Naming directly according to the type of activity of the company and some of its individual characteristics. For example, if furniture is assembled from modules, then such an assembly can be called “smart”, and the company “Smart”. The same logic can be used to develop a slogan for “smart furniture”. Such a name reveals the whole essence of production for the consumer, it sounds simple, understandable and in step with the times.

Humorous naming. Developers use a diminutive form of the name, for example "Dubok" or "Birch". Ironic motives play into the hands of the owner, well remembered by the audience. Also, the name is consonant with the material used by the furniture factory. But the developer must understand that naming with irony is not suitable for premium furniture. But for a children's furniture store, a cute funny name is very suitable.

An emotional message in naming. The flight of imagination of developers is limitless, so they are not always tied to the immediate field of activity. An example is the company "Atmo", the concept of which is based on creating an atmosphere of housing. The advantage is that it sounds succinct and concise, but the disadvantage is the lack of uniqueness - there are already companies with the same name in Ukraine.


Sticks in wheels in naming


Before naming a furniture manufacturing company, you need to consider some of the nuances:


  • the name of the company must match the name of the official website;
  • take into account all possible associations with your name and exclude negative options;
  • register a new name.

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