Cleanliness in everything: creation of a new brand of dry cleaning from digital studio FINE Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Cleanliness in everything: creation of a new brand of dry cleaning from digital studio FINE Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine


Nowadays, the development of a new dry cleaner is very popular; business owners often order this service from web studios in Vinnitsa, Kiev or Odessa.

In small Ukrainian cities, dry cleaning is not as common as in megalopolises, which suggests that developers have a lot of opportunities for creative business solutions.

The calculation of the costs of the business plan includes the following items:


  • rent of premises for future dry cleaning;
  • connection of the alarm system for security and fire safety;
  • obtaining business permits;
  • purchase of specialized equipment for dry cleaning;
  • calculation of the advertising budget;
  • selection of a team of workers;
  • provision of personnel with equipment and consumables.


On the open spaces of the network there are many examples of a simple and understandable business plan for a new dry cleaning. Even a novice businessman will be able to calculate income and expenses, as well as the costs of starting a business.

This business is very popular, but not always successful. The main reason for failure is poor-quality branding, the costs of which businessmen sometimes do not even consider in the business plan. Through advertising, your new dry cleaner can rip competitors to shreds and conquer the market in your city. The task of branding specialists FINE Vinnitsa is to gain trust.


Factors for building a powerful brand:


  • Market positioning. To be successful in the market, you need a clear brand positioning. This is what will allow you to win the heart of your client;
  • Healthy competition. It will not be easy for a new business at the beginning of its journey, as the market is ruled by the network giants of dry cleaning;
  • Features of the domestic market. Ukrainians are still reluctant to hand over things to dry cleaning, considering this service too expensive. A businessman must clearly think over how he will break this stereotype.


Modern possibilities of dry cleaners

Today dry cleaners not only clean fabrics with a solvent from contamination, but also offer the client a varied list of services:


  • Environmentally friendly cleansing without harmful chemicals;
  • Disinfection with silver treatment;
  • Repair of fur, leather products, as well as shoes and umbrellas;
  • Fast removal of stains.


The audience is very positive about the wide range of dry cleaning services. What can not be said about small dry cleaners in provincial towns, they offer few services, the state is small. In this case, you need to focus on the quality performance of one or two services.


Examples of a unique selling proposition for dry cleaning


  1. Cleaning of sports shoes. This service is offered by the KAPKAN brand. The owners have developed a complete dry cleaner for shoes. The client returns his sneakers and after a while can pick them up or order home delivery.
  2. Eco-cleaning. This trend is firmly entrenched throughout the world in all areas of activity. For cleaning, organic substances, safe solvents are used. This way you get clean clothes and care for the environment.
  3. Dry cleaning of furniture. You can call a specialist home to tidy up and clean your chairs, carpets, sofa, and even curtains. This service is beneficial for the client, because it saves time.
  4. Cleaning of clothes for animals.
  5. Mobile dry cleaning service at a gas station.

FINE's marketers can offer you many more examples for successfully branding your dry cleaning business.