Creation of a retail brand of a delivery service in Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine: we will give you confidence. Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT

Creation of a retail brand of a delivery service in Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine: we will give you confidence. Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT


But why do we need branding for the postal service, if delivery has become a part of our life and we cannot do without it? Many years have passed since the post office ceased to be a single monopolized service, in which all branches were subordinate to one department and all postal items were strictly controlled.

In such a situation, branding was unnecessary.

Nowadays, the situation looks completely different: delivery services are provided by many companies in our country. Such companies compete with each other in the service market and need to develop a high-quality unique brand.


Retail branding your delivery service in stages


The first step is to conduct a marketing research of the market. Otherwise, you will not be guided by the terrain. Focus on negative reviews about shipping services to further correct these errors in your company. The branding specialists of the FINE agency in Kiev, Odessa or Vinnitsa analyze the market situation and can predict, as well as make a high-quality SWOT analysis of the audience.

If you have already created a delivery company, then you can use the rebranding service. For any company from the service sector, rebranding will be relevant, it is advisable to carry it out at least once every three years. If the owner is always “on the wave” and closely follows the novelties and market trends, then the business is doomed to success.

Creating a brand book for a company is necessary to be recognized and come back to you again and again. Associations must be positive so that the client feels cared for and appreciated, and also be sure that the package will be delivered quickly and carefully.

A business owner should definitely develop their own unique selling proposition. The service should be unique and preferably rare so that there is no repetition among competitors.

A corporate identity is a mandatory attribute of your new delivery service. The collection of elements creates a clear and understandable image of your brand. Branding, merchandise, interior design and car design should all be associated with your postal service.

The retail branding of delivery services has a characteristic feature - the premises are developed according to a specific design. The visitor should be pleasant to be in your post office, it should be cozy and recognizable.


Branding of domestic postal services


The Ukrainian postal operator Ukrposhta made a high-quality rebranding not so long ago, which made it possible to strengthen the rating in the domestic market. Despite criticism, the new logo of Ukrposhta contains a combination of modern trends and established traditions. Logo design has the following meaning:


  • navigation points on Google maps;
  • a musical instrument - a horn, which postmen used in the distant past for notification.


New mail is famous for its motto and recognizable identity. The logo shows arrows pointing in all directions of the world, and in the center there is the letter N. This means that delivery is carried out without borders, to any corner of our country. It is possible that such an identity was borrowed from the world shipping brand FedEx.

For FINE design specialists, developing a brand for a delivery service is a very interesting task, let's solve it together!