How to start developing branding for a street coffee shop in Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine from the FINE studio Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT

How to start developing branding for a street coffee shop in Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine from the FINE studio Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT


Future business owners should have a clear answer to the question, why does a client come to them? Does your guest want to have a cup of delicious coffee with a delicious croissant or donut in the morning? Or have a sandwich lunch? Or spend time with family and friends on the weekend?

The business plan for the owner is the first necessity. Key components of a street coffee shop branding business plan:


  • analysis of potential audience;
  • defining a competitive range;
  • choice of coffee shop concept;
  • study of the financial level of potential customers;
  • identifying trends for the future.


How much will it cost to open a coffee shop in Vinnitsa or Odessa?

The staff certainly needs to create a welcoming and positive atmosphere. The visitor should feel calm and comfortable - this supports the overall concept of the establishment. Any customer will want to return to your coffee shop if the barista was polite and friendly and the waiter was attentive. Workers' uniforms must match the theme and atmosphere of the institution. If the design of the coffee shop is decorated in the American style, then in the clothes of the waiters you can use simple fabric and calm colors of shirts and jeans.

The financial component directly depends on the starting amount that a businessman has. The following factors should be considered:


  • calculation of the rental cost;
  • the cost of furniture, interior decorations;
  • technological equipment - its installation and cost;
  • remuneration of employees;
  • food products.

Starting your own business is a responsible business, but very interesting, especially when it comes to coffee. FINE branding studio will help develop a unique design of a coffee establishment.



What concept to take as a basis?


When creating a corporate identity for a coffee shop, the main thing is to decide on an interesting and memorable concept. A smart concept guarantees a line of visitors around your establishment. A businessman should pay due attention to the brand identity: naming, motto, corporate logo, menu design, employee clothing, interior design. All this should be done in a single style and emphasize the concept of the coffee shop.

Non-standard solutions in the development of a coffee shop include:


  • Selling coffee on wheels - simple business plan, no rental fees, speed, mobility. A sheer benefit, branding such a coffee shop will significantly reduce the owner's financial costs;
  • Mini-coffee shop - this trade offer can be considered unique, since the right place helps a lot to promote the business. The more interesting the place, the more visitors to the more precisely the coffee sale.


World-class street coffee shops with big names


In France, Le Café Des Chats is a great success. It is visited by true cat and coffee lovers from all over the world. Pets are very friendly towards the guests of the establishment and create a cozy atmosphere.

Taiwan is famous for its puppet and anime themes. Here coffee lovers can visit the Barbie Cafе. The signature style of this coffee shop is dolls. Everything down to the smallest detail is made in a pink "doll" style, and the clothes of the waiters are a full-fledged costume of an anime character.

India also never ceases to amaze with its creative interior design. Guests enter a giant Lego construction set at the Mocha – Mojo coffee shop. FINE branding studio will develop a unique corporate identity and concept for your new coffee shop in Keva, Odessa and all over Ukraine.