Development and creation of a brand in Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine from the branding agency FINE Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT Ukraine

Development and creation of a brand in Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine from the branding agency FINE Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT Ukraine


Brand development is a multi-stage complex process that includes preparatory work, analysis, strategy creation, advertising campaigns, website promotion and much more.

Moreover, work on the brand does not stop for a minute, it is an ongoing process, it is important to comply with market changes, be flexible and mobile, this is the only way to interest the user and keep pace with the times. Many companies ask themselves whether it is worth ordering the creation of a creative concept or is all of the above enough? The answer is definitely yes, even the most popular site, a massive advertising campaign will not be able to give your brand a happy and, most importantly, a long-term start in life. We will find out what a creative concept is and why it is worth ordering such a service.


Creation of a creative concept - what is it

If we explain this concept briefly, then this is a fundamental idea, which is absolutely original, and also best suits the interests and needs of the target audience. However, a creative approach alone is not enough, its development involves a fairly massive amount of work, which consists of the following stages:


  • detailed analysis of the brand, each individual business process is studied in detail, the history of brand creation is raised, etc.
  • analysis of target audience. It is extremely important to understand that the target audience consists of direct consumers and buyers. This division is easiest to explain in terms of jewelry - despite the fact that they are mostly worn by women, the overwhelming majority of buyers are men.
  • analysis from the point of view of marketing - identifies the main competitors, identifies their communication methods, ways of positioning and promotion, identifies the strengths and weaknesses of activities
  • we analyze the uniqueness of the brand - here it is important to interact with the target audience and clearly define the purpose of the message, that is, what message a potential consumer should ultimately receive - buy, try, find out, etc.
  • it is extremely important to outline the framework that cannot be exceeded. For example, it can be the sale of alcohol, tobacco products, here, as you know, there is a framework specified by law.

It is worth saying that many large enterprises in Vinnitsa, Kiev and other cities of Ukraine already have the results of this research work, which cannot be said about small and medium-sized businesses. Therefore, the advertising agency has to carry out a large-scale research work.


Development of a creative concept - process


After all the above information has been collected and a team has been formed that will work on creating a unique creative brand concept, the process of searching for insights begins, that is, awareness of consumer values ​​and consumer behavioral patterns.

On the basis of such a brainstorming session, that very creative idea is created; usually, the client is given several options to choose from, describing their features, pros and cons. As a result, not only the text and graphic part, but also the interactive part, which can consist of augmented reality, QR codes and other visualization methods, is not in the hands of the client.


Order a creative concept - goals


The goals pursued by the development of a creative concept are quite transparent, this is, first of all, the most accurate hit of your commercial offer exactly to the target audience, this will maximize the level of trust in the brand and, of course, significantly increase profits. In addition, the efficiency of the invested funds increases due to the virality and memorability of the advertising message.

It should be noted that as a result, the brand is positioned as unique, which gives a significant privilege against the background of other competitors. In addition, marketers note the formation of a positive and correct image. Thus, we can say with confidence that creativity is only a small part of concept development, the main work falls on time-tested solutions, professionalism and awareness of the advertising company you contact.


What will happen if you do not order the development of a creative concept


In this case, we can talk about several options for the development of the situation, from complete failure to absolute “nothing”, that is, there is a possibility that your company or brand will be able to successfully exist and develop without a creative concept. As a result of generalization, it is possible to single out such moments from which it is worth starting at the stage of decision-making:


  • analyze your goals. If it is extremely important for you to identify your brand from competitors, to develop the most effective communication, you should definitely order the service.
  • If the budget of the advertising campaign is large, the need for a creative concept increases significantly
  • Analyze the time frame of the campaign, if it is designed for a long period, add the development of a creative concept to the budget at the initial stage


Why is it worth ordering the development of a creative concept in FINE


Advertising agency FINE does not work with templates worn out to holes, which, allegedly, give a positive result more than a dozen times. The idea is developed from scratch, the smallest details are taken into account, on which you can profitably play, in addition, FINE can offer a full range of marketing services, thanks to which it will be guaranteed to bring your company to a qualitatively new level.

With the help of the FINE advertising company Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine, you will be able to experience from your own experience what it is like to work with professionals, you will be able to see creativity in work and action, be sure to hear rave reviews from customers and buyers, increase your brand awareness, expand your target audience and become several steps higher in comparison with your competitors. Contact us at one of the phone numbers indicated on the website, write to us or use the online feedback form and we will contact you ourselves. We know how to make your business successful!