Sweets brand stories from the brand studio in Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine FINE Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT

Sweets brand stories from the brand studio in Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine FINE Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT


The Chupa-Chups brand was founded in Spain in 1958 by Enrik Bernat, originally the company was called Granja Asturias. The most famous candies were first placed on a wooden stick, and only years later they began to make it from plastic. The incredible popularity of the cult lollipops was won very rapidly, all because Chupa-Chups could be eaten and the hands remained clean.

Few people know that the Chupa-Chups logo was depicted by the legendary surrealist - Salvador Dali. The design solution gained success all over the world: the logo came out in the form of a flower, which is still recognized all over the world today.

Milky Way bar from the world manufacturer Mars. The business was founded by spouses Franklin Mars and Ethel Kissek. The production was located in the kitchen, and a window was chosen as the counter. The world saw the legendary Milky Way chocolates only back in 1924.

The business legend Milky Way was born very simply, milk chocolate quickly melted in the hands, and it was decided to make a foil package. In those days, this version of the wrapper was unique. The advertisement clearly showed this: the funny fat man managed to escape from the shipwreck, thanks to the fact that he ate several Milky Way chocolates.

The Kinder Surprise chocolate egg was invented by Giovanni Ferrero, the brother of the owner of the Ferrero confectionery company. This find has become the favorite among children around the world. The first surprise chocolate eggs hit store shelves in 1972. And the idea of ​​creating a delicacy is as follows: it was decided to make Italian Easter cakes from chocolate, and put a small souvenir inside.

The enormous popularity of Kinder Surprise arose after the toys were released as collections. People all over the world bought chocolate eggs in order to collect all the unique designer souvenirs.

Kit-Kat is a chocolate bar from Hershey and Nestle. As the KitKat Chocolate Crisp brand was born in 1935, the developer was Rowntree. The name was chosen in honor of the sensational club that existed at that time. This club included all the cream of society: politicians, poets, artists. Initially, there was no classic design in the form of 4 strips of chocolate, as the products were produced as regular chocolate bars.

Over the years, the company produced bars of several flavors, but exotic modifications of Kit-Kat brought only losses. Ultimately, only classic chocolates remained on the shelves.

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Key components of a legend


The history of the brand should include all the beneficial aspects of the product, the company's values, customer care, the best qualities in comparison with competitors. Varieties of brand history formation:


  • Real life story. A true story that targets a specific audience and carries a powerful philosophy.
  • The concept of lifestyle - the legend is based on the traditions of a single family. Breakfast cereals with milk are suitable for caring mothers whose children grow up active and playful.
  • Emotional message. Such a story is aimed at the customer's positive emotions: joy, delight, tender, quivering feelings. The sublime feelings, the emotions of the first kiss, are touched, for example, in the Raffaello brand.

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