Development of branding for discounters from FINE Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT and attracting customers in Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Development of branding for discounters from FINE Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT and attracting customers in Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine


Discounters can be recognized by the typical appearance of the trading floor, here the savings of the chain owner on advertising products can be clearly traced. The range of goods is quite limited, the staff is small. Warehouse facilities in such networks may not exist at all, as goods move from one store to another.

However, such networks are very popular with consumers, as the owners use a variety of techniques and non-standard ways to attract visitors. A recognizable corporate identity of a chain of stores attracts attention and is well remembered by customers, which increases sales with a minimum advertising budget. You can order the development of the style of a discounter chain at the FINE Vinnitsa branding agency.

Discount chain stores specialize in the sale of basic household products. As a rule, the assortment is limited, but has a long shelf life. All discounters have their own brand, the amount of which is up to 75% of the total amount of goods.


Examples of branding of global discounters


The world's leading retailer is a giant like Walmart. The corporation, based in America, owns a huge network of stores around the world. The brand's motto is total economy: “Live better. Save ". The corporate color and logo have changed only a few times during the entire existence of the company. The blue color scheme is intended to be associated by buyers with reliability and trust, which is supported by action.


The developers of the Walmart network use simple and understandable images in their design. The logo includes the name of the network, consisting of only one word. The font itself has a rounded shape, the lines are smooth, without sharp transitions. The consumer perceives such a logo as reliable, durable, honest.


German giant Aldi has been at the forefront of the retail market for over a century. This discounter has a very tough policy, prices are very low, which is good news. However, this forces the owners to resort to total savings: the range of products is extremely reduced, and shop windows are completely excluded. But the popularity of this chain continues to grow, as the brand concept is positioned as the cheapest grocery store. The colors of the brand have been preserved for many years: the contrast of red on a blue background, the inscriptions are white to attract the attention of buyers. The interior is made in ascetic colors, which does not allow to distract the visitor's attention from the goods on the shelves.


Ukrainian leaders of retail chains of discounters


In Ukraine, discounters are very popular among the population, as in times of crisis the consumer is forced to save. Customers choose a store with low prices and acceptable product quality, thus the industry is developing, and the number of stores throughout the country is growing.

The most developed retail network in Ukraine is the giant ATB. Most of the goods on the shelves of the stores of this chain are of their own brand. The logo, interior, colors and even the uniform of the employees are well remembered by the visitors. This format is a win-win, it is borrowed from the world leaders of retail chains. The logo is very simple and laconic: red letters of the abbreviation "AgroTechBusiness" on a blue background.

The development of the brand concept and slogan is the most important stage in the creation of a chain of discount stores in Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine. To do this, you can contact the specialists of the FINE branding agency Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT right now.