Order advertising from popular bloggers on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube. Influencer marketing FINE agency Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Order advertising from popular bloggers on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube. Influencer marketing FINE agency Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine


Recently, the popularity of Influencer marketing has been constantly growing, many companies successfully use this method in the field of sales, achieving high results.

Your product will be in much greater demand if, for example, it is shown on its VLOG or YouTube channel, or it makes a publication on Instagram or Facebook, where there is a huge number of subscribers. Let's figure out what Influencer marketing is, how to build a strategy correctly, and what are the main differences between this method and traditional advertising.

The essence of development Influencer marketing

If you translate the expression from English, you get "influencer marketing", that is, the direct use of people whose opinion is authoritative for the target audience. It would seem that everything is simple, you need to shoot a video or photo series where a celebrity will admire your products and that's it, the job is done, sales have gone up, but it's not that simple. Take, for example, the famous ad for the famous TM chips, where Lionel Messi eats crispy potato slices in an eagerly appetizing way. Even if you are a big fan of football and a fan of a football player, you are unlikely to quit your business and immediately go to the store to buy chips. Any sane person understands that this is a staged video and the guest star is simply making money.


However, if you approach the creation of an advertising video correctly, and invite a well-known blogger to create an advertisement, where in a relaxed and non-pretentious manner he will talk about the merits and advantages of your product. For example, when it comes to promoting butter, you’ll probably think about buying the advertised brand after seeing the recipe using it on your favorite YouTube channel dedicated to cooking. Thus, when ordering the development of Influencer marketing, it is necessary to set a specific goal for marketers, and they, in turn, must develop a competent plan in which the necessary authorities will be involved.

Developing the right strategy in Influencer marketing


As mentioned earlier, for effective product promotion, it is extremely important to take care of developing a competent marketing plan. It is worth saying that in this case it is simply necessary to involve professionals, the largest companies in Kiev, Vinnitsa, Odessa have been entrusting the marketing of the FINE studio for several years already, ordering the creation of Influencer marketing here is the right decision. When contacting the FINE marketing studio, specialists will immediately take up your project, while it will go through the following mandatory stages:


  1. Defining goals and objectives
  2. Finding the "right" authorities and leaders
  3. Establishing communication
  4. Development of an advertising company using Influencer marketing
  5. Control over its implementation and making adjustments if necessary

Let's analyze all the above stages in more detail.


Creating and defining the right goal


Before you start creating an advertising campaign, you should clearly define what goals it will pursue. This could be:


  • Promotion of an existing brand
  • Launch of a new brand
  • Expanding the target audience
  • Attracting partners
  • Increased loyalty and trust level, etc.


Promotion with the "right" leader


In order to find the right leader, you should first analyze who your target audience is. To this end, the marketing team studies publicly available information (social media profiles), as well as conducts surveys and interviews. The result of the marketing research will be a detailed analysis of the target audience, as well as the identification of their interests. For example, if your product is aimed at a youth group, you should seriously think about attracting bloggers to your advertising campaign. In order to find a suitable one, it is worth looking in popular social networks for people with the largest number of subscribers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It is important that the activities of this person are interesting to your target audience, the FINE marketing team will draw up a long list, after which each candidate will be thoroughly analyzed.


One of the criteria for evaluating the "right" leader for promotion is how subscribers and netizens react to advertisements. For example, the post of the "leader" got a lot of likes, but at the same time did not get a lot of comments, this person is not the one you need. It is extremely important that the audience actively responds to his activities, only in this case, Influencer marketing will act.


How to order development


If you have made the decision to start marketing activities on your own, you will have to think about how you will communicate with the “star. In order to avoid these moments, it is worth ordering Influencer marketing from FINE, an experienced marketing team will save you from the intermediate phases, you will get a finished result that will help you achieve your goals.


It should be noted that the “toughness” of the leader chosen for Influencer marketing should be determined not only by the tasks set, but also based on the available budget. If your company does not have sufficient funds, you should not go all-in and place bets on one expensive authority, it is better to limit yourself to a few, even less influential people.

The result of creating Influencer marketing


After the project has been launched, it is extremely important to analyze the reaction of the target audience. Quite often, the independent conduct of a marketing project leads to the fact that the whole process has to be started anew, once again working on the mistakes. FINE marketing studio (Fine marketing agency) works differently - ordering development here means getting a guaranteed result. Contact FINE Agency specialists right now, achieve success in Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine.