Order a brand book in Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine. Creation of a brand book for a company, development of components of a brand book for a business. Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT

Order a brand book in Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine. Creation of a brand book for a company, development of components of a brand book for a business. Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT


It is important to understand what constitutes a brand book creation. Many customers imagine it as a kind of album in which the company logo and other beautiful pictures will be placed.

In fact, this is a rather deep and extensive concept that includes many aspects. With the help of a competent brand book, a company can build a correct and effective promotion of a product or service, as well as establish communication with advertising companies.


Thus, we can conclude that a brand book can be called a certain set of rules and laws that must be followed and followed by a company in order to position itself favorably in the market for goods and services. In addition, it should be understood that advertising activity is primarily aimed at a potential buyer, so the development of a brand book should begin with defining the target audience.


Who needs to develop a brand book

First of all, it should be said that ordering the development of a brand book is not an obligatory expense item for all companies. Indeed, small firms and small state of emergency do not need to develop it. In addition, subject to contacting non-professionals, who are not so few in Kiev, Vinnitsa, Odessa, there is a risk of getting an absolutely not practical brand book, which is impossible to use in practice. Thus, we can conclude that ordering the creation of a brand book is from professionals, only in this way the money spent will justify itself.


The creation of a brand book, of course, is more the prerogative of large companies, where there is a corporate identity that is observed not only in the design of the logo, but also projected onto the design of office premises, uniforms of employees and even stationery. Small businesses that independently developed their logo, did not go through the stage of its registration, using it exclusively on their website or page in social networks, usually do not order the development of a brand book, since it is impractical.


Why order a brand book (example)


In order to understand the purpose of a brand book, it is worth considering an illustrative example. Take, for example, the most common business cards, the scale of the enterprise in this case does not matter. Needless to say, a business card should correspond to the corporate identity of the company and, moreover, briefly and easily reflect the company's strong qualities. Without a brand book, it will be quite difficult for the average secretary, even with the help of a professional designer, to understand what size the business card should be, what text should be printed on it, what font is better to use, whether it is advisable to place images or do without them. To answer these questions, you need to order a brand book, where recommendations for each question are clearly spelled out.


You can also cite outdoor advertising as an example. In order to order the development of an advertising poster, leaflets, banners, etc., you must give a clear task to the designer, and, answer the following questions:


  • Where should the logo be located
  • What size should it be
  • What font should be used
  • What colors are suitable for outdoor advertising, etc.

It is also worth considering that you can order the creation of advertising in different agencies, it is possible that the background is yellow on the outdoor signboard, and on the business card it is closer to orange. It would seem that these are insignificant nuances, but from such nuances the general impression of the company is formed and the desired image of the consumer is formed.


Brand book components


As mentioned earlier, it is best to order a brand book from professionals in their field, only in this way you can be sure that the money spent will bring profit in the near future. So, the concept of a brand book assumes the presence of the following components:

  • Detailed analysis of the target audience, including the specifics of making a choice
  • Brand conceptual description
  • Development of the corporate identity of the company (it is worth ordering the development only if your company has an office, employees, and does not represent one person in its person)
  • Your brand promotion strategy (detailed description of advertising plots, slogans, advertising messages, etc.)
  • Do not forget about the corporate style, as well as the communication system within the enterprise


What happens if you don't order a brand book


If you decide to save on this cost item or find the development of a brand book unnecessary, you can expect all sorts of problems. For example, it will be difficult for you to explain to designers what you want to see outdoor advertising, flyers, etc., that is, they will not be 100% identical, which can negatively affect brand promotion and target the product to the wrong target audience.


In the absence of a clear brand development plan, you will not be able to track and prevent similarities with other logos in time, your competitiveness will fall. From the above, we can conclude that ordering the creation of a brand book is a mandatory step. It is important that the contractor clearly understands what is required of him, and the customer - what he will get in his hands and how to use it in practice.


Recommendations for developing a brand book


When ordering the creation of a brand book, you should be aware of a number of rules:


  1. A brand book is not a catalog of images, it is a set of guidelines for using the graphic component of a brand
  2. Conciseness - positions should be stated clearly and clearly
  3. Detailing - advertising agencies think over in detail each element of the brand book, including various combinations of advertising elements
  4. Accessibility and clarity - ordering a brand book in Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro or Vinnitsa is only worth where you will receive detailed instructions. You should not cooperate with those companies that use terms that you do not understand, without explaining their essence.
  5. Relevance. It is extremely important to understand that a brand book is not a fashionable office accessory. It should work for you, the only way you can squeeze the maximum out of the brand book, making your advertising activities effective, while reducing marketing costs.