Marketing agency Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine - surprise your competitors with creativity and resourcefulness with the help of marketing! Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT

Marketing agency Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine - surprise your competitors with creativity and resourcefulness with the help of marketing! Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT


Each of us knows that the main task of a marketing agency is to create good advertising. However, if you go deeper, then for many at this stage, knowledge is reduced to zero.


So what exactly is a marketing agency and what is its purpose?

A marketing agency in Vinnitsa is a professional staff of people of various specializations, who are engaged in the implementation of production and creative functions. Specialists are engaged not only in the creation and implementation of advertising activities, but also in its research on the market and the development of unique solutions that contribute to increasing the number of sales.


However, creating an advertisement and simply distributing it in all possible ways (Internet, live communication, television, radio, etc.) will give short-term results - over time, it will cease to be relevant, as newer and “fresh” ideas implemented by competitors will appear. And the low level of advertising is directly proportional to the low level of sales of the required product.


It's no secret that nowadays one of the main and most effective engines of trade is advertising. Advertising as one of the fundamental marketing tactics. And the most popular way of its distribution is the Internet (including Internet marketing).


Internet marketing: what is its peculiarity and differences from other methods?


Internet marketing is the active exploitation of marketing tools not live, as many have become accustomed to from an early age, but via the Internet.


Each marketing agency in Vinnitsa uses its own unique and special effective methods of promotion in order to get the maximum number of responses from consumers in the virtual space.


This method is characterized by simplicity, saving time, effort and costs and quick response to advice or wishes of a potential consumer. For example, when creating an online survey on the web, you can:


  • to form a simultaneous survey for representatives of various categories of the population (age, gender, position in society, financial security, etc.);
  • Having “embraced” a large number of people in 1 survey, save time for their conduct and processing of the results;
  • it becomes possible to communicate "directly" with the buyer through popular communication networks or through their own sites that were created specifically for this purpose;
  • in the presence of personal sites, everyone can leave their feedback, which will certainly affect the direction of branding of a product or service.

If the review is positive and the client is very pleased with everything, then it means that branding, advertising and marketing of products are done successfully and give exactly the "fruits" that were originally expected from them. If the review is negative, then it becomes a kind of starting point: it means that an insufficient number of necessary operations were carried out on the product, or somewhere an error was made that urgently needs to be corrected.


Considering the fact that every year there are more and more Internet users, it is now that this kind of promotion of goods and services (via the Internet) has become the most popular and fruitful mechanism in marketing agencies.


Speaking about the effectiveness of this popular type of marketing, which is successfully used by virtually every marketing agency in Kiev today, you need to know that the level of effectiveness is assessed by the following criteria:


  • the so-called "click-through" advertising. It denotes the number of interested users who clicked on this material. Click-through rates can vary depending on the established framework: results can be collected per week, month, year, etc. As a rule, for ease of use of this phrase, it is customary to use the abbreviation - CTR;
  • cost per click, which is set by each owner of a product or service at their discretion. It is designated by an abbreviation: CPC;
  • sale price - I mean the amount of funds that were spent on one sale. This indicator is necessary in order to realistically assess the turnover of finance and offer a product, on the one hand, at an affordable price for the buyer, and on the other, at such a cost so that the profit from this does not go into negative territory. It is designated by such an abbreviation as CPS.

If one or more of the advertising elements mentioned above are actively exploited, but at the same time not enough attention is paid to research, testing and surveys regarding their level of performance in order to improve the existing results, then in this case such advertising will "live" relatively not for long. No, it’s good if the advertisement copes well with the tasks assigned to it without additional intervention in order to improve it.


On the other hand, if it does not give the expected results, then, most likely, the time has come when you need to pay attention to marketing.


What does marketing include?



As a rule, marketing and advertising moves are intertwined, however, all marketing moves are not aimed at advertising itself, but improving and changing it for better results using the following methods:

  • research - this concerns not only advertising, but also related factors: who is it directed to, target audience, level of popularity, etc .;
  • testing many options for improving advertising in order to be able to choose the best one;
  • strategic planning, marketing research to create an effective, result-oriented advertising campaign.

Based on the objectives of marketing research, its most important characteristics are:

  • marketing research;
  • are carried out with a single purpose: to make management decisions in the field of marketing.


Marketing research - what is its structure?


Marketing research - a wide range of various scientific (and more modern) research to collect important information. The obtained material is the basis for developing optimal strategies and conducting effective operational marketing activities using numerous analyzes and interpretations of available data. Marketing research is conditioned by the fact that the views, needs and desires of customers are constantly changing. Since they change, it means that it is also necessary to improve or completely change the following basic elements:


  • market analysis;
  • analysis of buyers, their opinions and preferences;
  • analysis of the level of demand and popularity of similar products offered by competitors (as well as the methods of implementation that they use);
  • logo creation and design;
  • revision of the existing or new development of a unique, corporate identity of the promoted products;
  • packaging design (if it is a product, not a service);
  • if necessary, come up with a new sonorous name for the company that produces the advertised product;
  • development of a new advertising campaign by specialists with its further placement and promotion on many popular advertising platforms on the Internet;
  • label design;
  • creation of a new brand (if necessary);
  • development of a new brand name;
  • the opportunity to use marketing outsourcing - a service that enables the customer of services to refuse to create their own marketing department, thereby reducing the financial waste allocated for promotion;
  • creating new strategies for the brand, etc .;


What are the myths associated with a marketing agency?


Since ancient times, the amazing fact originates that the less a person knows about a particular subject or situation, the more rumors, myths and exaggerations about him begin to circulate. Marketing agencies are no exception, about which there are no less myths and rumors. As a rule, they are distributed by those who are completely unfamiliar with the specifics of the work and structure of such firms. The most common among them are:

  • the agency does not do anything other than place the advertisement created by the customer earlier. This is not true. Yes, the customer can offer his options and ideas, participate in the process of creating advertising for the product, but the process of creating branding from the very beginning to the end (collecting information, analyzing all the necessary components, etc.) is carried out by the agency's specialists, who continue to help to the customer with their professional recommendations to maintain a high level of demand for the goods;
  • placing advertisements through agencies always cost several times more at the expense of their prices. Practice shows that advertising through agencies is beneficial for both parties: the customer has the opportunity to choose his future partner through competitions and tenders, thereby stimulating the agencies to develop and show their best qualities. Because the main thing is not how many types of advertising the agency offers, but its quality. Choosing an advertising campaign that he likes, the customer will spend money sparingly, and most importantly - wisely;
  • agency employees certainly have their own price list, where prices for all services are indicated. It is not true. Prices are formed taking into account the wishes of the customer - what he specifically wants, in what quantity and what time frame for order execution;
  • agency employees already know everything themselves what the client needs. Many sincerely believe that as soon as a client came in, the specialists immediately said what he needed. No. Advertising, branding and marketing specialists are not telepathic and cannot read minds. The customer himself lays out his requirements (moreover, in writing) - something like a technical task. And employees can suggest what is best to do and how best to complement an existing idea to achieve the most effective results. This is done in writing so that the specialists have guarantees - if the client refuses to pay for the work performed, referring to the discrepancy between the desired and the received, they simply provide the customer with this document signed by him earlier;
  • it is better to do everything yourself than to pay others. If you really understand all the subtleties of this matter, then why not? But if not, then it is better to use the services of specialists. That is why “the miser pays twice”.

Therefore, the best option for creating and further effective promotion of an advertising campaign is the services of the FINE Agency marketing agency in Vinnitsa. Why FINE Agency? Because:

  1. This is a close-knit team of experienced specialists in various directions and fields who study the product to create advertising and branding from absolutely all sides. Their work is well-coordinated and highly professional.
  2. Not only an individual concept is developed for the product or service being sold, but also advice and recommendations for the owner of the product, so that he himself can promote his product.
  3. A written agreement is drawn up between the parties, where all the details and nuances are indicated, therefore, both the customer and the agency have guarantees of the high-quality performance of their duties.

In addition, the cost for each of the above elements is the cost of brand development, the cost of creating and designing a logo, etc. calculated from the price / quality ratio. That is, for a "tasty" price, you can get a ready-made, excellent and modern advertising campaign, and most importantly - a personal one, which guarantees excellent performance and a worthy place in the service rendering market. Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine