Successful brand building, Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Successful brand building, Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine


A popular brand always has a competitive edge. And this is the merit not only of the level of services or goods provided to them. A well-developed brand concept plays a significant role in popularizing the company.


Development of a new brand is a complex work that is carried out in stages, or different stages are implemented by different companies. Please note that by brand development we do not mean only the creation of a logo or corporate color. The development of a brand concept is a laborious process; in order to obtain the desired result, you need to immediately determine all the stages and strictly adhere to them throughout the entire work.


To better understand the stages of creating a brand, let's analyze the main terms and concepts that will be discussed below:

Trademark is a registered brand name or logo that serves to individualize services or goods.

Logo - the original outline of the name of the company (brand). It is also customary to call a logo an original graphic symbol or sign, stylized and specially designed. Moreover, the comparison of the brand face and the brand name is also often referred to as a logo or logo block.

Verbal identification is the name of the brand (naming), the result of in-depth analysis, the creative and creative process, testing of various options on the target audience.

Visual identity is a logo, corporate identity, corporate colors, visual brand communication that provide brand awareness.

Prerequisites for brand development:

Creation of a new brand, launch and development of a brand of products, a new company, service;
Division of a large holding company into separate companies;
Changing market conditions, the emergence of new competitors;
The brand is outdated and no longer fulfills its purpose.


Stages of brand development:

1. Brand strategy and positioning
2. Development of the name (naming)
3. Brand visualization
4. Certification of style and brand
5. Audit and implementation


1. Brand strategy and positioning

This stage is one of the most important and forms the basis of the entire brand. At this stage, it is necessary to analyze the company and the market, determine the fundamental concept of the brand, the essence and style of communication. Determine the target audience and develop a brand positioning concept.
Scope of work:
Marketing research
Brand positioning concept development
Brand promotion strategy development


2. Development of the brand name (verbal identification, naming, brand legend)

We start this stage after developing a brand strategy and drawing up a brief. For the first presentation, we prepare several naming concepts for the client. Each concept can contain multiple titles. All options are initially tested in open sources. When a client is identified with one of the concepts or with a variant of the name, we check the legal purity of the name.
Scope of work:
- Development of the name (naming);
- Registration of the name as a trademark;
- Development of a slogan;
- Development of a brand legend;
- Brand book development;


3. Development of visual brand identifiers (corporate identity)

This stage allows you to form a new competitive image of the company, using visual identifiers to develop brand design. It is necessary to understand that a brand is not just a logo and a set of corporate documentation. We need to convey the individual characteristics of the brand through all possible and necessary visual identifiers in each particular case.


The minimum composition of brand carriers:
- Title;
- Logo;
- Colour.


Extended range of media:
- Title + slogan;
- Logo;
- Colour;
- Branded business documentation (business cards, envelopes, folder, letterhead).


Comprehensive composition of all visual media:

- Name + slogan + brand legend + brand book;
- Logo, color, corporate pattern (background, pattern), logo block options;
- Corporate font;
- Branded business documentation (business cards, envelopes, folder, letterheads, presentation, badge, diary);
- Advertising and promotional printing, graphic design (banners, advertising page, annual report, booklet, catalog, leaflet, flyer, POS materials, icons, illustrations, corporate character);
- Packaging for product branding;
- Branded clothing and transport design;
- Souvenirs (pen, umbrella, lighter, notebook, T-shirt);
- Environment design (implementation of corporate identity in the interior of an office or store, retail space, exhibition or advertising stand, navigation, decoration of the reception area);
- Digital carriers (website, electronic presentation, mobile application, electronic communications);
- Signature melody.


For each type of business, a completely different composition and volume of corporate identity carriers is used, read more in the article "What is a corporate identity"


4. Development of a passport of brand standards, guidelines for corporate identity.

It is necessary for all materials and visual media developed in the previous stages to draw up a certification and manuals. That is, you need to document the provisions on the concept of the brand, its goals, describe the features of each carrier of the corporate identity. A separate technical document can be ordered for each medium and can be used with the others or separately.
Read more about passports and terms of corporate identity in the article "Brand book in details"


5. The final stage of branding - implementation, maintenance and audit

The final, but the most expensive and longest stage. It is necessary to train personnel, make packaging, printed materials, signs, develop a website and conduct an advertising campaign. At this stage, all points of contact with the brand are visualized.


Creating your own brand is a laborious, interesting and comprehensive process that will bring the company fame and big profits with the professional implementation of all stages. But don't worry, contact the professionals, and we will take on all the difficulties and accompany you at all stages of the brand's birth. Call us and we will answer all your questions about the stages of brand creation, taking into account the specifics of the business and your goals, Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Ukraine.