Online showcase website Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnepr, Vinnitsa, Ukraine, Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT

Online showcase website Kyiv, Ukraine, Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT


Don't forget about the importance of your site.
FINE agency is over 100 projects: websites, e-commerce sites, management software, but also print, contests and games full of other things!


We have been meeting the needs of our clients for their online and offline communication since 2010 with a team that centralizes all the digital and print skills needed to carry out multi-channel projects.

Our common goal: your success. We pride ourselves on building relationships of trust and lasting partnerships with our clients. You have one contact for you.

Our mottos are: creativity, efficiency, efficiency and professionalism.

From print to web, through objects, we support you from A to Z in all your communications projects.

Listening to your wishes and needs, we answer your requests to give life to your projects; we also take into account your concerns in order to identify and offer you the best communication solutions.

Growing steadily, 25 million Ukrainian Internet users have a web-based tool that they fully integrated their way of life. * 92% of them use it daily.

Regardless of the activity, whether it is BtoB or BtoC and requires a showcase site, institutional, or catalog, it is necessary today for a professional to be present on the Internet.


As a professional, you need a quality website that is related to your business and your goal, and you certainly don’t waste any time. That's why our team takes care of everything!

From graphic design to line up your website, through the development and reserving of your domain name, we know to be reactive in order to bring you a fast and lasting solution.
We are developing our own fully customized website. If in terms of design, and in terms of ergonomics, we create sites based on several criteria. We look forward to your recommendations, taking into account the realities of the market and your target profile.

In addition to having a unique website created especially for you, you have a back office that allows you to manage your content and thus modify it as you wish.

E-commerce, or commerce tomorrow.

With 16.7 million customers * online in 2016 and an increase of 22% over the previous year, e-commerce has a bright future. Ukrainians have spent 17.7 billion * Internet and 2016 is expected to break this figure from 11 billion spent in the first quarter of this year alone.

In addition to a physical store or just a web business, e-commerce is a real driver of growth.

Regardless of the products you want to sell online, you are bound to have a custom website for your brand and your products, attractive and easy to use for your customers. Customers should feel comfortable browsing an ergonomic site with developed products.

Regarding the management of your e-business, we are simplifying through the administration tools for your online store. ,

FINE offers an e-commerce solution 100% personalized and unique to your brand.

For a store site where your customers will have the opportunity to “shop”, a unique design study based on your product and your purpose.

In the back office of your site (the administration system on your site, which will be your daily work tool), the ability to manage both the institutional content of your site, what products are on sale, their availability, etc.

Can you do without such exposure?
Mobile Web use grew 21% year over year to reach 19 million mobile users * (versus 39.9 million users *). In addition, tablets, massively present in the home and workplace, have redefined the web experience for users.


Today you have the opportunity to accompany your clients at any time. With an optimized and personalized mobile device, you are always in the palm of your hand.
Your expectations define our strategy
The development of a responsive website starts with a deep understanding of a specific user group. Our development is the perfect compromise between ideal use for mobile users and the real technical constraints we face.
More addition to your website, its mobile version is a separate communication medium, in accordance with the classic version of the website.
Custom development
FINE develops websites optimized responsive, compatible with the latest technologies and platforms, and tailored to your strategy. Where, when and how to interact with mobile consumers is part of our development process. We're not just reselling white label solutions. We've created our mobile experience that is great for your goal and your business.

SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing ... Be Open!
Why website links?

A site's SEO is designed to make it appear to be in the best possible position on the search engines, based on the criteria pursued by internet users. Thus, it brings you more visitors, but especially qualified visits.
Appropriate SEO for your site
For your SEO, we start by researching your industry to determine with you the appropriate keywords that qualified visitors will generate, then we work on your site's content to incorporate a previously defined SEO strategy (URL rewrites, page titles, meta keywords , meta descriptions, cross-references, etc.) After launching the site, we perform several operations so that the SEO work is taken into account by the search engines: submissions to search engines and related directories, creating a map for Google, etc. After that, we work on a regular basis to improve positioning based on the results obtained in such a way as to always optimize and always bring you more and more qualified visitors!
Promotion of your website through social networks
Facebook, Instagram ... Who doesn't have their own social network account?
Social media today is a gold mine to come forward and connect with an interested target audience.
Professional web expertise
FINE AGENCY creates and maintains a customized Facebook page. Personalized, your page is tailored to your communication goals. The operation is simple: all people who click "like" on your page and stick to a new post will display directly on the hot wall of all members.

In addition, we can design promotions such as contests to enlarge the page. This type of operation allows you to attract new members and thereby increase your audience.
What will your email campaign bring you?
Need to communicate information to your clients or your potential clients? Want to tell them the news or offer them a business proposal? Email for you!
Easy campaign management
In order to bring you always innovative, simple and practical, we have developed a tool for creating and sending email campaigns, which allows you, even without knowledge of the Internet, to create and manage email campaigns.

With this tool you can create mailing lists by customizing (eg customers, prospects, G / L accounts, etc.), you simply create your email and then send it safely to the recipient of your choice. All this is optional! Plus, with the built-in tracking tool, you have the ability for each country to know who opened their email and how often, and to optimize your communication over time.
Our team does it for you!
If you don’t want or cannot charge for your email campaigns, our team can do it for you. From defining a communication strategy with planning an email campaign to send through graphic design, we take care of everything from A to Z.


Don't underestimate the power of good graphic communication!
The power of your visual identity
Your visual identity is defined in terms of your positioning strategy, your image will lead.
A logo, the core element of your brand identity, is an essential factor in the communications business. Parallel to this, defining brand identity helps establish a consistent link with the positioning and visual recognition of your universe for your purpose.
Logo: strategic creation
Our studio develops with you the basic ideas to convey to your company, its positioning, its values, its industry and its ambitions. Once created, your logo can be applied to all of your communication materials (letterhead paper, business cards, envelopes, website, signage, vehicles ...).
Brand identity: your communication guide
In order to go further in your communication strategy, we can achieve a consistent and flexible brand identity.
This, after research has been done according to your positioning and designed specifically for your brand or brand, identify the different elements of your communication and graphic style for each of your media to ensure consistency in all your communications.
Expand your connections with multiple media!
Volume of print media
Each business has specific needs, depending on its activities and its communication strategy. Business cards, brochures, posters, flyers, brochures and magazines, paper communications media bring more online communication.
Professional at your service
FINE makes its printable material from A to Z and deliver the finished product quickly and directly. After custom and unique graphic designs unique to your brand and your graphics, and after your approval, we take care of your media printing.
On the Internet, our team is at your disposal to provide the necessary guidance in implementing your communication strategy in order to determine the most appropriate media based on your business and your goals.


Link forces object
Advertising gifts to customers or objects, communication through the object is a plus for your image.
Besides the fun, the good selection of items, you will be almost constantly with your clients so that they do not forget you.
Full service
We are not content to suggest objects at random, but we are building a strategy around communication objects.
In addition to receiving promotional items, we can implement a communication campaign around the property to impress.

FINE AGENCY Development Company: AI, Blockchain, IoT, Kyiv, Ukraine is a web agency in Vinnitsa and Kiev specializing in website creation, business card sites, internet management software, custom CRM, e-commerce website development, responsive website design. We will accompany you throughout your web project from design to commissioning through hosting and SEO.